1. Lilly

    ~!Lilifid Plays!~

    ~!Lilifid Plays!~ Teho! I'm a youtuber that does let's plays, covers and speedpaints! I'm looking to do a let's play of your game! I won't insult your game in anyway, I know how hard it is to make a game....(20+ hours put into mine....) but I might suggest on how to fix various errors that may...
  2. Lilly

    ~The Seventh Warrior~! Review

    Welcome Today's lucky game interview is....~The Seventh Warrior~! The Seventh Warrior's story revolves around a demonic crown prince named Dark, he was sealed and now after a thousand years he's back and wants revenge, that's just a small part of it and sounds truly unique, but I gotta say the...
  3. Lilly

    RMMV Elemental Light

    Elemental Light Youtube Channel The features of this game from battle system to more. SYNOPSIS Screenshots of the game in development, it could change stay as is or change into something even more amazing. IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS The characters that will make this game soar. CHARACTERS The story...

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Been updating my game's control scheme to optionally use a mouse. Now the player pixel moves towards the mouse destination, which looks super sweet with the sparkles. Also turns out I made a Mouse Common Event plugin at some point... Thanks past me. :LZSexcite: Now the mouse wheel cycles different forms, and the right mouse button activates that form's special. :LZScool:
Oh man the controls in Mario Sunshine are pretty awful and I haven't even witnessed the controls without FLUDD
Lots of cool changes for Battle Castle in the works! Not just reworked dialogue, but gameplay, combat, and possibly lore changes to make things weightier.

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