1. arcadekitten

    Is there any way possible to have more than 5000 switches/variables (and be able to see them in the editor)?

    The TL; DR of this is that I was planning to make a game in Unity using the Adventure Creator plugin(which feels a lot like RPGMaker to me in many ways!) But as I'm sure anyone is aware of right now, Unity has really mucked up their reputation recently and unless AC is ported somewhere else, I...
  2. RMMV PT Variance

    Hi. Does anyone know if there is a way for TP (who're used in TP Gauge for a LimitBreak-Like System) to be subject to a Variance ? For exemple, my skill gimme theoretically 6 TP per hit. I would like put a Variance on this 6 TPs gifted per Hit, like a Variance50% , means, hit would gift me...
  3. LunaFamiliar

    RMMV Yanfly Job Points - Set Maximum Per Battle

    Hi everyone! I'm using Yanfly's Job Points plugin, and I want to add a limit to how much JP can be earned from one battle. Otherwise the system is very easily exploitable by keeping enemies alive and using a ton of skills (since the plugin makes you gain JP for each action used, and that is...
  4. chyj4747

    Is there a way that can use animated tiles which have more than 3 frames?

    1. the tileset can be set in mv database for passable setting and can be used to draw map in mv, which mean it needs to be in mv defined scale. 2. when run the game, it will play more than 3 frames animation Is there any plugin that can do this? Otherwise I have to write this plugin myself...
  5. VesperCire

    Changing inventory limit midway? (Yanfly Item Core)

    I know I can set an inventory limit with Yanfly's Item Core plugin, but is it possible to increase the inventory limit partway through the game with an item or event?
  6. NorthKozar

    Limit number of purchases at a shop

    Hello, I've been working on my first game in VX Ace and just slowly keep adding to and messing with stuff. Usually I've been able to find my answers by searching through the tons of information of dissecting scripts/old forum posts, but I feel a bit stumped on this one. I want to have a shop...
  7. MushroomCake28

    The best Image Cache Limit number?

    For people that still don't know, we can change the cache limit from the Community_Basic plugin. By default the value is 10 MB, but that seems a bit low to me. So what's the ideal image cache limit for PC, and is it different for web/mobile?
  8. atoms

    What are your thoughts on mini-limit breaks? I.e. Preserved TP for them?

    I was thinking about having mini-limit break skills with the purpose to use them for some regular encounters in battles. I was thinking of making it so TP is preserved, at least on characters that have these mini-limit breaks. To explain better, they are skills that cost a small amount of TP...
  9. Milennin

    Maximum picture size?

    I'm making a custom menu that has a picture of a list of selectable items that can be scrolled through stretch beyond the limits of the screen. Is there a maximum size I should be aware of, which at that point won't load the full image into the game anymore? Since I do plan on expanding the list...
  10. atoms

    Like in Octopath Traveler, Limit Classes and Subclasses with Yanfly scripts.

    Alright! For those who don't know what Octopath Traveler is, it's a game that game out fairly recently (July 13, 2018). I liked how it handled the subclasses and was wondering if I could get a similar affect in RPG Maker MV. You can read about the game here...
  11. ovate

    Change Max Level

    ChangeMaxLevel - 2015-11-19 Creator name: Alec Overview Allows you to change maximum level. Features - Able to change max level with a parameter - Short code //============================================================================= // ChangeMaxLevel.js...
  12. JtheDuelist

    Limited Quantity Of Items In Shop Plugin?

    I am wanting to include a shop that limits the number of a particular rare item that can be bought, and have searched on Google from here to Timbuktu for a plugin that does this, but no dice. I saw several VX Ace scripts that did it, but I am using MV, not VX Ace. I also saw Tsukihime was making...
  13. Animebryan

    Need a plugin to prevent stacking the same accessory with Yanfly's Equip Core

    I'm using Yanfly's Equip Core to enable multiple accessory slots (currently 4) but there's no feature in the plugin to prevent an actor from stacking the same accessory. I just need a plugin that checks to see if another copy of the accessory is already equipped & if so, prevents it from...
  14. Need Limited Inventory Plugin

    I've seen inventory limit plugins based on weight and ones based on the maximum number of items, but what I want is one that limits how many items of different kinds you can have and how many can be in each stack. I've seen things like this done with grid systems but it doesn't work with the...
  15. Br0wnSyndrome

    ProcraftyNation's Weight Limit with Yanfly's Item Discard not updating weight.

    The functionality is all there, as the item does get discarded, but the weight doesn't decrease instantly. The updated weight is only shown when the scene is closed and re-opened. Any way I could make it update instantaneously, without having to close and reopen the scene? Any help for...
  16. Stuck on project

    After the past 7 months of developing my game, i have come to an empass on my work. I have come to the realization that my dream project is way to big for me to make in even 3 years on my own. I think that i have reached the limit of what I can do as a single person. This is my very first...
  17. DaedraTalos

    Item Limit

    New plugin! Yay! Ever wanted to set a limit on any of your items/weapons/armors? Well, now you can! (And you don't even have to use plugin commands or script calls every time you want to add an item, just use the pre-made event command!) So here's how it works: Set up the custom error...
  18. Jesstful

    [Request] Modified Yanfly Party Limit Gauge

    Sorry if this is a tall order. I have had this mechanic in my head for a long time and am a really hoping to see it fully functional and working just like it does in my head. The game I'm working on has a mechanic that works similarly to Limit Break, but kind of has a unique spin that isn't...
  19. XGuarden

    max number of map in mv

    Apparently max number of map on mv was 999. That by far to few for my projet as i need 10000+. Anyway to solve that^ by the way, if i try to merge many map, that will create a bug with the core logic of my game. thanks
  20. Derpo

    Yanfly Limited Skill uses question.

    Hi, I'm having a hard time creating something with Yanfly's Limited Skill uses plugin. I would like the Limited Uses to increase +1 Use with the player's LV as they Level Up. However, with the included Lunatic Mode tags I am not getting the desired effect. Using: <Custom Skill x Use Max>...

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