limited inventory

  1. JAWAH

    Paper Mario Limited Inventory

    Hey everybody! I've been casually using RPG maker for a while now, and I've searched far and wide for a certain plugin, but I haven't been able to encounter one. I want to make a game with elements similar to the old Zelda games (Limited wallet size that you can increase a couple times by doing...
  2. HexMozart88

    Item Slots

    Not a very clear title, I know, but basically, what I am looking for is a script where: 1. The player has an "item holder" for every item you don't currently need, or that you're going to sell. And another bag that lets you equip the item and assign it to a button.  2. Each actor...
  3. Lonelywraith

    Instance Items patch for TheoAllen's Limited Inventory script

    So TheoAllen's Limited Inventory script seems to not be compatible with Tsukihime's Instance Items and none of them have made a patch so both of them can properly work together. What's the problem here? Easy to explain, maybe not so easy to fix (and a lot less by a total stranger to scripting...
  4. Limited Inventory

    Hello! then, I'm developing an old RPG Maker VX Ace menu on the MV project, however, I need a plugin that limit the amount of items in the inventory. For example: many items in inventory is 30. So if I have 30 items or more, I would be slow (ie, the speed of the character decrease). I need a...
  5. metronome

    True Limited Inventory Plugin

    Hi, I am not sure if this plugin have been requested or whether if this plugin have been available somewhere. I have checked using google and as far as it goes, I found nothing for this feature in RPGmaker MV yet. This plugin goes like this: Let's say the limit of inventory is 30. You take 30...
  6. TheoAllen

    Theo - Limited Inventory

    Limited Inventory Version : 1.4 Type : System add-on   Introduction : This script allow you to limit your inventory by overall possesed items instead of individual item Features : Limit inventory by overall possesed item Each item may have their own size / weight You may increase or decrease...

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