1. Rikifive

    Things That Make Me Wonder

    Hello everybody! This thread/post isn't a complain ~ these things make me wonder and I just wanted to discuss about them. Please, don't get me wrong. As everybody knows, Ace has limits all over the place ~ Not sure how about MV though. Anyway ~ I wanted to ask about few things~ 1...
  2. Mast-yami

    Increase the limits of the stats with YEP_BaseParamControl

    Hello, after searching for a while, I didn't find anything helping, so I guess maybe someone has the answer. ^^' Well, I want to break the current max HP of the enemies. (For example: Bat -> 10 000 000 HP.) Also, I found the YEP_BaseParamControl and downloaded it. After I installed it with...
  3. A_Higher_Plane

    Limits of this engine?

    Hey there! I have already introduced myself as a new guy in the Introduction forum. I wanted to know the limits of this engine. I wanted to maybe change things around to make a different game like turn the game into an action RPG where you fight real time not by turns, have the characters to...
  4. _Shadow_

    Humble Bundle terms of use for some content.

    So I will post this here just to make sure it is not in a wrong subcategory. So, there is a sentence in Terms of Use that is confusing me. Note that English is not my native language. I suppose I can interact and communicate well most of the time. But when it comes to EULAs there is no space...
  5. Map and Compression Limits in Vx Ace, when it starts to lag and the "one computer" rule

    Well, I currently have 2-3 issues (besides having to learn how to work with Gimp/GCH to create sprites (templates)/faces/etc., scripting and what not). 1.) Vx Ace has a maximum of 999 Maps, which absolutely definetely is not enough for my project at all, even if I'd make 500x500 maps and put 10...
  6. Interested In Purchasing, Want to know Limits

    Hello. I've been looking for the appropriate game engine to meet my needs and I've recently downloaded the trial version of RPG Maker VX Ace in order to test whether it satisfies my necessities. However, there's only so much I can discover on my own in the one month allotted, so I felt it best...
  7. Levi

    Where do I draw the line?

    Hey there. This thread is about content. Specifically, "questionable" content. My main Project [Wanderer's Studies] will have some very mature, sensitive, touchy and morbid content. The game will not encourage or endorse anything that is morally questionable... What do I mean by questionable...

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