linear battle system mv

  1. Help!!! Moghunter's LMBS Type Error keeps occurring

    I would like some help with figuring out why Moghunter's linear motion battle system plugin for RMMV and it won't work properly in my project. I'm new to all of this and it's all very confusing but I start a new project and import the files in all the folders replacing any that may need to be...
  2. Lilly

    RMMV Elemental Light

    Elemental Light Youtube Channel The features of this game from battle system to more. SYNOPSIS Screenshots of the game in development, it could change stay as is or change into something even more amazing. IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS The characters that will make this game soar. CHARACTERS The story...
  3. Lilly

    LMBS Summon Skill

    I wanted to get a skill that could summon another character, but only for a short amount of time. Since it's in LMBS, normal summon plugins won't work and also the summon is supposed to be automatically a CPU and you can't change to it. (It's fine if you can, as long as they can't stay forever.)
  4. Lilly

    LMBS Pull Script

    For my game, I wanted to get a skill that could pull enemies towards the player. I really wanna make this skill work and many others.
  5. KuroVuster

    MOG Linear Battle system MV [Knockback Extension]

    Hello, sup and hai (in that order) Vuster here and granted i,m not a fan of starting my first ever post as a form of request, but this has been something that i am surprised is not noted on. Mog's Linear Battle System for RPG maker MV is just.... so good <3. I have been using it for a while now...

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