1. How do I make links for me and the Developers' websites?

    I'm making a small gamejam project with a few other people. I'm trying to set up a "developer's grove" where you can find all the developers. My idea that each one will say something clever, then give you a link to their website. How would I do that without just having a plain link in the text...
  2. Heystack

    Heystack's free 8bit and 16bit MV/MZ assets.

    I have created a lot of 8bit and 16bit assets for Rpgmaker MV/MZ and want to share with you. They can be used and changed to one's needs. BUT, CD-I fanart may not be used for games that are sold. I'm new to this and am willing to listen to complains, ideas and advice. [#spoiler] [#/spoiler]...
  3. Romull01

    Mog weather ex plugin

    Someone can post a download link for the Mog weather ex plugin? Will be glad any help!
  4. ovate

    Linkable Credits, Level Up with Gold [system related]

    Link Credits - 2019/04/17 (Ver3.0.0) Creator name: tomoaky (http://hikimoki.sakura.ne.jp/) Overview Adds a credit command to title screen. Features: - Credits can be displayed with a link to their website. - It's all set up through plugin parameters including: Texts for game version and...
  5. Cap_

    I need a link to Yanfly's VXACE battle engine

    No matter what link I choose on his website it always says that it couldn't fid the website I was looking for. Can anyone provide me with a link to the Battle engine that works?
  6. FoxySeta

    [Solved] Using {LK:...} text code in a Show Text scene command

    I seem unable to use links in a Show Text scene command. The text between {LK:...} and {LK:E} is displayed correctly, but clicking on it does nothing. I also tried to use the very same text in a Show Message scene command, and it worked just fine.
  7. ovate

    RMW Forums Tab Alignment (Firefox) [Solved]

    Tab for "Forums" appear on the next line and quick link below "Search Forums" appears to be missing on Firefox. (60.0.1) I did try deleting cache & cookies to see if the format returns, no effect. On the Opera Web Browser looks fine.
  8. tammie

    Rules say no videos in status posts, but...

    So the forum rules say that no DIRECT links to videos are allowed in status posts. However, when posting a link to a video from YouTube, it automatically turns into a direct link. This is a major problem, because a lot of people are getting told off for doing this when they haven't actually...
  9. Dvor-ak

    My Pixel Arts

    Hi guys, first post on this forum! Here's some pixel arts I made. More on my Deviantart: dvor-ak.deviantart.com
  10. Button to website in title screen

    Hi. Probably I have a very stupid question but I hope anyone can help me with it. I've created title screen (using images) with buttons (new game, load, etc.) and decided to add button which can open website in browser. Draw the button is not a problem but I dunno what command or script I should...
  11. efeberk

    Broken Images

    Whenever i want to look some mv resources, i just see broken urls. Is it normal or do i have problem with my phone?
  12. Targaryen

    Skill Links

    I have been using Hime's Skill Link script for RPG Maker VX Ace, and I'm wondering if someone could rewrite it to javascript.   Also, this amazing addon to check some really good conditions: [-_>[-_>[-_>[-_>
  13. Schlangan

    Missing link to RPG Maker MV in Products scroll menu

    As I was browsing through the forum and the website, I noticed that the website has now a link to RPG Maker MV Page under the products scroll down menu : However, the link is missing on the forum. Is it intentional, or has it been simply forgotten ?
  14. LinkChef

    *Tips Hat* Hello everyone!

    EDIT:  Whoops... It seems I had a brain-fart, and I've introduced myself already.  Please excuse me, finals are rough on the brain.
  15. Geoff Moore

    Links in status updates

    When creating a link in a comment on a status update, how do I make it blue and clickable? [ url ] and [ /url ] (without the spaces, had to put them in for it to show up here) don't seem to work. Thanks!
  16. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    How do I make the blue words to a link?

    How do I make the blue words like when people give links to stuff instead of www.blahblahblah.com/690940/blahblah, like get the tiles here and the here is blue. Then it brings you to a blog. Such as in Luna's Lovely Tiles here: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/84-lunas-tiles/ There...
  17. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    Monkeysnow55's Digital Art!

    I have been trying to learn Digital Art for a few years now (haven't made much progress with it) and I thought I should share it with you. :) Program: GIMP Estimated Time to create: About 2 days Art: The Legend of Zelda: Link. State: Beginner 
  18. Keniisu

    Link - Heartfire Recruit Thread

    Link - Heartfire. Recruit Thread     Hi I'm Ken or otherwise know as Jnh29. I'm new here and today I'm creating a thread for Link - Heartfire. (I read the Rules and guidelines.) :)   GAME INFO Below... Plot: The game story is about a young apprentice to the king who gets sent to save her after...
  19. Tigersong

    Link's new face

    Hey, guys. I've got a kind of unusual request. It's for a game I want to make for my sister. What I'm requesting is a portrait of a feminine Link- yes, the one of Legend of Zelda fame. An accompanying  sprite would be nice, but I'm not asking for miracles. ;) Let me know if you need a...

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