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  1. Linked Games

    Is it possible to create linked games? Say I have an RPG game created with RPG Maker MV and there are linked content to a mobile game created in RPG Maker MV or IG Maker. For instance in the main game you have a pet that goes with you throughout the RPG, but you can also interact and raise it...
  2. Indrah

    Plugin Request: Summoned Creatures and Linked Skills

    Plugin Request: Summoned Creatures and Linked Skills Hello everyone. I need some help to create the gameplay I have in mind for my game regarding a summoning system. Hope someone can give me a hand, since I have absolutely no idea of how Plugins work. (Seriously, speak to me like I’m a total...
  3. Tsukihime

    Skill Links

    This script allows you to create "skill links" which are basically a way to connect skill effects together. Skill links are purely a development concept: they are created to allow you to specify multiple behavior that should occur when a single skill is used. In particular, it allows a single...

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