1. Linked Games

    Is it possible to create linked games? Say I have an RPG game created with RPG Maker MV and there are linked content to a mobile game created in RPG Maker MV or IG Maker. For instance in the main game you have a pet that goes with you throughout the RPG, but you can also interact and raise it...
  2. Archeus

    Linking two events together.

    I'm not an expert at RPG Maker VX Ace just saying...  So here's the thing: I want to make a tree that can disappear after chopped down. But the tree graphic has got TWO tiles. So is there any way (or script) to link them together so that I can use a self-switch that affects both of them and...

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Blech. I hate coming up with stories. Making gameplay is fun but coming up with lore and reasons for these areas/mechanics just makes me sleepy.

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