1. Tigersong

    No Documents folder on Linux

    Hi. I'm using MV on Arch Linux. The problem is, I accepted the default project location without thinking, even though I don't have a Documents folder. So I don't know where my project is. As a note to the developers: You can call "mkdir -p" to create a folder along with its path. In this case...
  2. jkweath

    Suggestion Support for Linux deployment?

    Hello, Linux deployment was implemented in MV, but isn't present in MZ for some reason. Is there any chance of the lead devs re-implementing Linux deployment support for MZ? To clarify, I'm not talking about Linux support for the engine itself, I'm talking about deploying projects to Linux format.
  3. Nightblade50

    Run RM Games on Linux with Wine

    [If you're wanting to run the actual RPG Maker on Linux, refer to this guide. The page you're on now tells you how to run the .exe of the game itself.] If you're wanting to run a game made with RPG Maker on Linux, this is the guide for you. MV and onward have a native Linux import version, but...
  4. Nightblade50

    Run RM on Linux with Proton

    In this tutorial, I'll show you how to run the Steam versions of RPG Maker in Linux with Steam's fantastic Proton tool. Before getting started, here are some important things to note: This tutorial assumes that you have some experience with Linux. This tutorial is only for the Steam versions...
  5. timotheosh

    Software will not start on Pop!_OS (Ubuntu derivative)

    I am running Pop!_OS 20.04 LTS (an almost exact derivative of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS). Just purchased VNM, but the program does not start at all. How to replicate? Run from either Steam or from the terminal using steam steam://rungameid/495480 When I try running from the command line, I get this...
  6. Neutron21

    Suggestion Linux Support

    Ive been looking into RPG Makers and I really hope they stop ignoring Linux because its a underrated and much bigger and stronger community than what it is given credit for. If a a FOSS program such as the Godot game engine can offer support on other platforms, Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS...
  7. Neutron21

    Linux Game deployment

    Has anyone had an issue with deployment of games on Linux? I was using a trial version of MV for Windows to deploy a game and launching the game on the current Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon edition with no luck of the game working. Yes I did make it a executable under properties and that still did...
  8. finkployd

    Linux resolution hidpi in editor

    Running RPG Maker MV (either from command line or from Steam) in Linux results in a window with unreadable tiny menu items, text, and icons. I'm running on a hidpi screen in Gnome 3.38.1 (X11) and I've tried a couple of command line options to try and make the screen scale properly...
  9. Omegus

    Linux Support?

    Considering how well MV runs on Linux, because the engine is built with QT5,QML and Java scripting. It should make sense to eventually build MZ for Linux. But one improvement you could do over MV is allowing the deployment for Linux to be done with Appimage. Appimage allows an application to run...
  10. [Linux]Windows Games From Most RPG Maker Versions Won't Work

    Preface: So according to wine's appdb the vast majority of rpgm clients are gold or platnum. Even though some rpgm engines have linux versions most games are only written for windows, thus (as far as I know) I have to use wine or some other workaround. So can any1 give me any pointers on making...
  11. darksinge

    RPG Maker MV freezing computer on Ubuntu 18.04

    I'm experiencing this issue on Ubuntu 18.04 while running a purchased copy of RPG Maker MV through Steam. Are you using plugins? Did you disable them first? Does the bug still happen? Then report here. Yes, Yes, Yes. Is your bug already reported by another person? Don't make a new topic...
  12. MiraclesHappen

    RPGM VXA Launch full Screen Linux Mint

    Hi everybody, I've been successfully using Linux Mint 18.3 with Wine to run RPGM VXA. However, I'm always forced to launch the game in a minimized window because if I launch it in full screen, it just freezes up at the menu title. I need to see the game full screen to have a better visual of...
  13. Invenblocker

    Playtester won't open

    I am using the Linux version of RPG Maker MV downloaded through Steam, and for whatever reason, the playtester will not open. It does not open and get stuck on a black or white screen, instead, nothing happens at all when I playtest, I press the button, and no window opens. I know for a fact...
  14. MiraclesHappen

    Is there an RPG Maker which runs on a Linux platform

    Hello everybody, I own a RPG Maker VX Ace which I bought for my laptop that runs Windows 10. Unfortunately, as most of you probably knows, Windows 10 is full of useless apps and there are so many programs running in the background that it eats up most of my CPU. In addition, the fact that...
  15. Tonko

    Opening multiple projects at the same time in Linux

    Opening multiple projects at the same time in Linux Hello there. In this tutorial, I will explain how to have two or more MV Projects open at the same time. I thought this tutorial would be useful for Linux users, since the procedure is a bit more complicated than in Windows. PLEASE NOTE: This...
  16. SrOscuro

    Linux, Sound is broken on game testing and on the deployed executable.

    Bug explanation: On Linux, sound is broken on game testing and on deployed linux executable. This happens after upgrading to 1.6, there is some problem in audio. The audio is laggy at some moments and in some moments runs to fast, there are some strange crackling and echoing effects. This is...
  17. RPG Maker MV won't start on linux

    I'm trying to run RPG Maker MV (Steam version) on Ubuntu. It installed, but won't start after clicking the button on the Steam library. I'm used to knowing what the hell went wrong when a program won't run on ubuntu, but Steam doesn't return any error, so I have no idea if I'm missing libraries...
  18. Matombo

    [Bug] [Linux] "Game->Open folder" and "Help->Contents" menu items don't work

    User: Matombo Bug: "Game->Open folder" and "Help->Contents" menu items don't work How to Replicate the Bug: Open a project In the menubar go to "Game->Open folder" Nothing happens In the menubar go to "Help->Contents" Nothing happens Other: System: Manjaro Linux, qt-5.10 installed system wide...
  19. LTN Games

    RPG Maker MV Crash - Linux Manjaro (QT5 Outdated)

    I've recently switched to Manjaro Linux running KDE Plasma 5 and ran into some problems with the Steam Linux version 1.6.0. The Problem Summary Basically, RPG Maker is using its own libQt5Core.so.5 library while Plasma 5 is using a newer version. When I go to open a new project, the open dialog...
  20. MinisterJay

    RMMV [IGMC 2017] Wispers

    LINK: https://ministerjay.itch.io/wispers This game was made with an artistic concept known as 'Tru 2D'. 'Tru 2D' images have no shading, shadowing, nor any representations of the 3rd dimension, depth. The game may be played with arrows or mouse, but arrows will often give better control...

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