lisa the painful

  1. Tombo

    How do I make a platformer style level?

    Hey guys - new to the forums. How would I go about making a platformer game like LISA? - I'm comfortable with battles, messages, sfx & sprites etc. The main part I am struggling with is getting the playable character to walk against blank 'A' tiles. As below you can see I've been looking at...
  2. Cap_

    100% black text window

    I'm looking for a way to make the text window completely black. Every time I set all the colors to -255 the window still has background lines and it's slightly transparent.
  3. Faizal786sunny

    some question

    could you actually make a lisa gane on rpg maker mv and rpg maker 2000/2003? you can make an lisa game on xp and vx ace but what if making it on mv? since im trying to convert lisa into mv but i need to install rpg maker mv first
  4. Cap_

    VX ACE: Shift as event triggers

    I am making a LISA style sidescrolling game, and to do that I need a way to use the shift button in my events as a trigger. Is there any way to do that?
  5. Cap_

    Sidescrolling character not moving

    I recently started making my LISA fangame. I had most of the basic events in place, and my character could move properly. I decided to reboot the whole thing and start from scratch (redrawing, improving event etc.). I had just built my first map as shown in the picture, but my character wouldn't...
  6. Faizal786sunny

    Need help here

    i was trying to play an RPG maker xp game on mobile and this pops up Any issues I could fix?
  7. Cap_

    RMVXA: Looking for a script that creates a dirt-like effect when my character is walking

    I'm making a sidescroller in VX ACE and I'm looking for a script that creates a little particle of dirt when my character takes a step. Something sort of like the picture:
  8. Cap_

    Changing fonts in RPG maker VX ACE

    I'm making a LISA style sidescroller and I need to change the font. I need to change the font to this one called "VCR_OSD_MONO". I tried adding a font folder in the game files with the font and then changed the font in main to it, but to no avail. I tried a bunch of different scripts but none...
  9. WASD Combos

    I'm... not sure if I can post this here (If i Can't just tell me and ill delete it or something) anyways there is a Yanfly Engine Plugin for VX Ace that allows you to chain attacks together. Unfortunately, I Use MV, and Since i'm just a really worried person I'm reluctant to buy another version...
  10. alv3l

    Help with sprites

    I'm trying to make a spritesheet for a character i'm going to be using in a sidescrolling Lisa-esque RPG I'm undergoing and cannot for the life of me get it to work correctly, I, uh, could someone take the sprites and rework them to fit the RPGmaker VX Ace format? or give me a small tut on how...
  11. Need Help with something

    I'm wanting to make a fangame of Lisa: The Painful RPG but i wouldn't even know where to start. I've so far only used RMV but also forgot a lot about that one too. Since it would probably take a while to explain it here and it would be harder, please contact me either *snip (PM the author for...

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