1. TheDrifter

    Change order of parameters listed in Yanfly Engine Ace - Victory Aftermath

    Greetings, I have been using Yanfly Engine Ace - Victory Aftermath v1.04 and I would like to change the order of parameters (actor stats) listed whenever a character levels up. Right now, stats are listed in following order: Level, HP, MP, Attack, Defense, Magic, Magic Defense, Agility, Luck...
  2. 30phil1

    Project not listed in Manager therefore, cant upload to workshop

    Hi guys, Recently I was working on a game but when I went to upload a alpha version to the workshop, I could not find it. weirdly, I can find an older version of the game but it has only parts of my work. Any help? I'm almost positive I did something to break it but I don't know what XD

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