1. Froggo32

    Making 16-bit in Lite...?

    Soooo I wanted to make 16-bit game in Lite. I have nearly everything: time, idea, resources... But still there's a problem I want to change font. To a pixel one. And the window. I don't know if it works like in MV, where you can just simply copy graphics to any digital art app and just make a...
  2. _Shadow_

    Teaching using Lite on student's laptop. Is it ok if I own myself a legit copy of VX Ace?

    Hello once again community. Today I have an interesting question to ask. Let's say you got a High school kid, that had some Scratch classes, and he was excited. Now... the kid wants to go just a step further, and do stuff like scratch but more interesting. So, I thought of RPG Maker VX Ace Lite...
  3. Different Activation Problem

    I apologize if this issue has been posted about before, or has a well known or established solution, but I could not locate it myself. I just downloaded and installed RPG Maker VX Ace Lite, but I cannot activate it, as I receive an error message: 'The underlying connection was closed: An...
  4. aurorablessing

    Data Transferable?

    Hello! So recently, my friend recommended me to use RPG Maker, so I got RPG Maker VX Ace Lite to try it out. I hit the limit of maps and was constantly annoyed by the constant event limit. Is there a way to transfer my game data when I get RPG Maker VX Ace? ~Thank you.
  5. How to make custom graphic for event and uninstalling Lite

    Hi, I've got 2 questions and I'm new to RPG Maker so these are kind of basic.  I want to know how to make custom graphics for events work.  I want to make an ice block in one event that has a graphic I uploaded of size 64x96, but when I go to select it it only lets me select a tiny part of the...
  6. FlamyFire

    Error 404

    I have recently bought RPG maker VX Ace for the first time to try making games. When I entered my email and use the program, it gave me an Error 404. I have tried restarting but nothing seems to work. I also put a screen shot of what the error looks like.
  7. Jernau Gurgeh

    Are VXAce Lite maps compatible with VX Ace?

    I have VX Ace on my home desktop PC, purchased on Steam. I also use a computer at another location (where I'm at currently) where Steam is blocked, so I cannot run VX Ace there. But I should be able to install and run VX Ace Lite. I'm wondering if Lite maps are compatible with VX Ace? I've read...
  8. accha

    Dreaming Mary (Sidescrolling Adventure Game)

      A girl who lives out her dreams in her dreams. [Main theme music on soundcloud] Dreaming Mary is an original adventure game in a sidescrolling format, made using the free RPG Maker VX Ace Lite. It is inspired by the Japanese horror game Ib and the abstract game Yume Nikki, and is influenced...
  9. From Lite to Full Version

    Ok, so I'm having an issue here. A few months ago, I started downloaded the lite(free) version of VX Ace and I started working on a project. Eventually, I saved up and got the full version, and kept working on my game, no problem. So the other day, I had some ideas I wanted to test out but didnt...
  10. GrandmaDeb

    Sample Map Fix for RPG Maker VX Ace Lite

    RPG Maker VX Ace Lite Tutorial: Sample Map Fix     RPG Maker VX Ace Lite is a fantastic way to leap into game making and begin a game before making a purchase, but it does have a small quirk or two. One of the quirks is that the Sample maps which are included refer to files which are not...
  11. GrandmaDeb

    Show Text not consistently fitting text in window

    I am using Lite, so changing Fonts is not possible as far as I can tell, because no script lines can change. But when I add text, sometimes the little arrows work as expected, showing where the text will be cut off when I am using a faceset, like this: Show Text Window 1.bmp Show Text...
  12. GrandmaDeb

    The Ten Easiest Things You Can Do with Events

    RPG Maker VX Ace Lite and RPG Maker VX/Ace Tutorial: The Ten Easiest Things You Can Do with Events One of the first things you will want to learn about RPG Maker VX Ace Lite (or the full version of Ace) is how to manage events. Here is a progressive list of the very simplest events. They...
  13. GrandmaDeb

    Ace Switches Demo/Tutorial

    RPG Maker VX Ace Lite and VX Ace Tutorial: Understanding RPG Maker VX Ace Event Switches Based on Aindra's Original Switches Demo/Game and expanded, edited and updated for Ace users by GrandmaDeb * Do you want an event to end and never come back? * Do you want one event to be able to control...
  14. Ksi

    Seer Dell: Dragon

      Please be advised that there is mature content in this game. Swearing and some drug/alcohol references.     Credits

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