load screen

  1. greensdream

    Script call to open Load Save File screen?

    I have a door graphic in my game that (hopefully!) brings players to the load save file screen. How can I set up the event? I tried using a script call I found on a similar request for VX Ace, but it doesn't do anything: DataManager.load_game(DataManager.latest_savefile_index)
  2. Parallax Panda

    Built in loading screen (between maps)?

    Yeah, so I know MV has a built-in Load Screen (image found in the "system" folder) that should appear if the maps are slow to load. Well, I actually have some load time in-between the maps in my game (2-3 seconds of "black" before the next map appears), but the load screen does not appear. Is...
  3. Andrefpvs

    Open Load Screen

    Hi! Thank you for reading my request :) I'm looking for a way to call up the load game screen from inside an event. For some reason, RPG Maker only gives us the option of opening the save screen: <- I'd like to have the option to Open the Load Screen, as well. I'm not sure if this is doable...
  4. Calling the "Continue" Screen via an Event

    I'm building a game with an interactive title screen, rather than the traditional one. The character is able to walk around and choose (from books on a table) whether to start a new game or load a previous file. Currently, I'm using a script to skip the title screen and go directly to this...

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