1. Badweather4cast

    Save/Load Window Transparency

    Hey, I was wondering, is it possible to alter the opacity and/or completely transparentize the windows in the Save and Load scenes? This includes the windows for the save/load files and the message window asking you which one you would like to select. I'm assuming there is a way, as I was able...
  2. AdamSakuru

    Load Game/Continue Game event switch

    In games like Metroid Fusion/Super Metroid, event processing changes in something like a save room when you load your game from there. Sometime a couple years ago, I'd asked a question regarding this with ACE on another forum and someone wrote up some code. Essentially, it had a switch that...
  3. Jenovation

    Error Loading file from in-game.

    Hey guys, I think I messed something up, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what happened. Hopefully somebody here with more insight into MV can tell me what might be causing the problem.. I am currently using Yanfly's Save Core to enable in-game game Loading. Before that I used to...
  4. Wavelength

    Who touched my Hash?!

    I've come across some very strange behavior while modifying one of my scripts.  The script creates a Hash called $lim_shops which tracks inventories for each individual store using the following format: $lim_shops.shops[shop_id][database_object] = number  This works fine in-game, but when I...
  5. Eff-n-Geoff

    Removing or Hiding Lag when the player first loads / boots a game

    Hi there, thank you all for the support so far ... we're now 2 weeks or so away from launch and it's looking good :) We only have one issue that we'd love to solve, but we think it might be un-solve-able so could it be hidden? Basically, whenever you load up our game for the first time or...
  6. JavaHut

    JavaHut's Save Extension (2nd Plugin)

    Save Extension v1.03 By: JavaHut Required RMMV Version: 1.3.1+ Download Download the script here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/yh53xyz7e4qd8sb/JavaHut_SaveEx.js Demo Download the demo here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ccszaiwiol499xs/SaveExDemo.zip...
  7. spiriter

    Can't convert to Android, pls help me.

    Hi guys, sry for my bad english. I bought rpg maker mv some days ago. It's on V1.3.1. I want to convert the game (or at least a Testgame) to APK fpr Android. It doesn't work for me at all. What i've tried: Converting with XDK - with encodet RPGMakerMV-Resources: on XDK-Simulator...
  8. twistedMind

    Save Continue Issue

    Can someone help to solve my save game problem  :(  I can't continue to complete my game with the issue right now. The problem is I can save my game manually but cannot continue or load my game from the main menu. The continue only greyed out, so why I can save the game if in the end I cannot...
  9. cadencefire

    ALL Face Graphics Fail to Load After Update

    Hello, I am encountering this error message after the update. I don't know why it is happening. I turned off ALL of my plugins and I even tested it with the default face graphics. I opened up a new project and DID NOT encounter this error. Do I have to redo my project from scratch?
  10. TheTitan99

    Request: Load Resource Command.

    Hello! First time requesting a plugin. Don't... think this is too complicated of one? In MV, when an animation is played for the first time, I'm seeing... a tiny amount of lag/framerate dips. Like, for a half a second, it drops from 60fps to, like, 45 or 30fps. Nothing too awful, but it...
  11. Mr. Trivel

    Simple Save/Load Screen

    Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Simple Save/Load Screen Created: 2016-03-14 Version: 1.0   What does it do? Shows faces instead of character sprites and adds 4 lines of things.   Screenshots:   How to use? Just change plugin parameters to your needs and...
  12. Purzelkater

    Firing event after savegame is loaded

    Hi, how can I execute an event after a savegame is loaded? On new game is easy to write an autorun event on the starting map. But I want to execute an event after a savegame was loaded (so this should be map-independent). Kind regards, Purzelkater
  13. Failed to load error, Please help

    Hello, I'm pretty new to posting on these forums but I could really use someone's help. I recently converted my in-progress Ace game to MV using the converter that comes with MV. I know that scripts do not transfer over and that I will encounter some errors with my quest log script, but...
  14. K. B. Miller

    AutoLoad Last Save at Boot? (Not A Function??)

    Hiya, everyone! ^^ Now that I've upgraded to MV, I thought it's finally time to create a forum account and talk to you all! Being a hobbyist, MV kinda threw me a loop with the plugins and the disappearing Resource Manager and whatever, but it's nothing I can't learn to deal with. I'm not used...
  15. MeowFace

    Single Save File System

    Made a script that required one save file system in the request board awhile back and found an urge to make the whole one save file script. So here it is! Single Save File System!     Features: [1] Able to change the default save file name to whatever you want. [2] Save/Load without the need to...
  16. SilverDash

    [Solved] FaceGraphics invisible, how to draw it?

    I have this code in a window: this.drawActorFace(actor, 0, 0, 144, 144); // no image is drawn. This method is from Window_Base.Of course no image is drawn because, Javascript loads them asynchronously in the RM code further down the road (in the ImageManager). So basically, I need to somehow...
  17. Naveed

    Can't Save or Load

    Recently, I can't seem to be able to save or load my game files. It plays a buzzer sound and the console gives the following error: Any idea what's causing the issue and how to fix it?
  18. MeowFace

    Start New Game from Load Scene

    Made for a request here. This script allows the player to start a new game inside a Load Scene. Features: Able to start new game in load scene How to Use: [1] Paste this script below Material and Above Main [2] Change the "Start New Game" text in the script's setting area to whatever you...
  19. Torqus

    Load last game after Game Over

    Load last save after Gameover   This plugin is simple enough for anyone to understand, it just modifies the way the GameOver scene works. Originally when you lose you are sent to the title screen, I don't think that's something you really want for your game, I want my players to keep...
  20. Torqus

    Can't replay audio after load

    I had this problem for a long time now, I posted this before but there was no solution so now I'm posting it with more things I've discovered. I'm trying to make a plugin for my game, very simple one, that will load the last saved game after game over instead of taking the player to the title...

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