1. KenSoulslayer

    [RMMZ] [SOLVED] [How to] Change the default loading image

    I have seen a few threads on how to replace/edit the default loader in RMV and else but no luck with RMZ. I have found that this time it's CSS instead of a GIF or APNG, so basically what is the right way to replace that with an apng? or is that not ideal and I should code a custom CSS loader...
  2. Indsh

    Loader for browser

    None of the resource loaders work for browser,would be grateful for any direction on what the coding would be needed
  3. wonderjosh3000

    Use multiple fonts in menu with font loader.

    So I've got a font loader plugin, including the one that comes with Yanfly's Core engine (or is it the message core? I'm not at my home computer right now haha), and I've got a couple fonts loaded up and ready to go. Is there a way to use more than one font at a time in the menu scene? Like...

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