1. Milennin

    Bug Misplaced choice window after dialogue on repeat event

    I have an event trigger at the exit of my map that brings up a choice window set to appear in Middle. Choosing to leave will bring up a dialogue box with another choice window asking for confirmation. When triggering the exit event again after it, it'll continue to display the first choice...
  2. Vis_Mage

    Android Save File Location

    Quick question here, does anyone know where save files are stored on Android devices?
  3. Vehicle on spesific location

    I want my char can only on/off from the vehicle on specific location (e.g. dock) and cannot land somewhere else on the maps beside the dock. Can you help me? And maybe, to make everytime I want to ride the vehicle, i have to pay to the guard first. Sorry, if my english so bad, hope you...
  4. How to check location of an event.

    I'm trying to put in a conditional branch that checks to see if an event has made it to a specific x,y coordinate, and when it does, I'd like to end the event. My other choice is to have it end when it hits a certain event. Both options I don't have answers too, any help would be greatly...
  5. eluukkanen

    How to make an event move towards an event with same name that is the closest?

    Hello anyone with knowledge of MV scripting :kaojoy: I am trying to achieve a system and I am almost complete. However, this issue has been something I have been unable to make into reality. I know this is possible, but I just cannot seem to get my head around the best possible solution. Anyone...
  6. Nilom

    Change event location to position on the screen

    Hello people. Currently I'm trying to figure out how I can move events to a position on the screen/view field of the player. I know how to move events with a script call: But how can I set the x and y position relative to the screen? I mean something like this: Thanks in advance! :D
  7. Can't line up tilesets like in the dlc pic. (solved)

    I'm a beginner at Rpg maker. I got VX Ace and I'm making a kitchen. If we compare my image with the one shown in the dlc presentation you'll see many differences Such as, #1 Fridge and oven not lined up like in the dlc. #2 Can't line up the chairs around the table. #3 Could not select 6 kitchen...
  8. leoroura

    Need help with SumRndmDde's HUDMAKER

    Hello everyone! I am in desperate search of a HUDMAKER expert. Well, maybe not expert, but someone who knows what they're doing (not me lol) So here's my issue: I have a particular HUD i made based on a three-candle system. (The gauge bars are placed behind a big picture i'm using as a hud...
  9. leoroura

    Picture location based on var?

    Hello everybody! I am looking for a simple -Yet, maybe hard- plugin to make. Perhaps not even one, and just a plain JS code. Thing is: I am trying to recreate a "Candle" on my game hud. The wax is a gauge that diminishes every second, but there is no fire! I was looking for a way to insert an...
  10. leoroura

    Image location

    Hello everybody! I have tried different ways to approach this subject, i really hope anybody can give me a clue because i'm stuck on my game x.x So any kind of help would be appreciated! What i want to do is figure out a way to translate an image's XY to a variable location. How? For example, i...
  11. DaedraTalos

    Player VS Event position plugin

    Player VS Event position plugin This plugin compares the position of the player and an event. Although it's very simple, it's also extremely useful! Imagine you want to check if the player is on the left of an event. How would you do that in RMMV? Unless you use an extremely complicated...
  12. RoadKillCandy

    Boat will turn but not move

    I made it so that my players can't walk on the swamp so i could use a boat on it but after using mv to set that as the boats starting point, making a new save of the game to test said boat i can't get it to move, just turn in the swamp. Also putting wood on top of the swamp like a dock, still...
  13. Nirwanda

    Playtime and location but no gold in party menu

    Exactly what it says in the title, I would be very thankful if someone could code a snippet that added the playtime and location(area name) and removed gold from the default menu. BTW, this would be for a contest game, it's not a big one. But I suppose I should inform you. Thanks for reading in...
  14. gregbaby

    Khas Pathfinder script - NPC arrives at destination and reacts...

    Hello everybody, I'm currently toying with the Khas Pathfinder script and it's pretty neat little script to automate your cities NPCs to give them a little more "life", I was wondering if any of you have figured out a way for an NPC to react once they get to their destinations on the map...
  15. KinoCornell

    Additional Menu Windows

    I'm attempting to set up a menu using a flipped layout plugin from a very helpful YouTube tutorial video. The layout I'm using is in this very simple script here (I didn't create it): What I'm needing to do here is add a new window below the Command Window and above the Gold Window. That...
  16. masterlobo

    How can I transfer player within the same without reloading it?

    Hello, I need to move the player from location within the map. Moving is too slow, even at max speed. Transfer player with fade none works wonders, however it reloads everything on the map and therefore it looks clunky. In other words, what I need, is Set Event Location but for the player...
  17. Only save at Event locations

    So, I've been putting together a game recently, and wanted to make it so that the player could only save at specified locations, like events where I've put the script to open he save menu. I've looked through the menus, and I cant find any option to enable this. Anyone want to give me a hand?
  18. Wes Lesley

    Location, location, location

    Is it normal that the YEP_SaveCore 1.02 shows location as the map name rather than the display name the player gets to see (when the option to display name is active)? Because it shows "demon forest" on my save file when it should be the less ominous sounding "South Forest". Demon Forest...
  19. PhoenixX92

    Map Name Location

    So I'm trying to get the map name display location to the middle, I don't want to go digging around in the scripts and mess something up horribly for myself, so I'm wondering if I'm looking at the right thing necessary to do it.  In the script list, under game_objects, there's a script called...
  20. Comparing player location with current event

    I'm trying to compare the player's position with the position of an event to determine when a player is within 2 tiles of the event horizontally and 3 tiles vertically north of the event. I'm wanting this to work for the current event that the code is placed within so it works with each event of...

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