1. ezanagi

    How can I change the starting location of my actors in battle?

    Hey, I'm quite new to MV and was wondering how am I supposed to change the starting position of sideview battlers .. I'm using the YEP Engine. I need to adjust the position because I changed the screen resolution to 1600x900 and therefore, the actors appear somewhere outside of the screen and...
  2. ShidoLionheart

    Get Vehicle X Y Coordinates

    How can I set a Variable equal to Vehicles (like boat or airship) location? For Puzzles I can make a Variable equal to Player MAP X and Y, but I want to do the same with the Airship. How can I do that?
  3. JGreene

    RMMV Menu Location Window

    Introduction: This simple plugin adds a location window to your menu screen, complete with full text code functionality. This effect is extended to the map display name window as well. Example screenshots below: It will work with any resolution. Mine is 912x720, just for reference. Also, this...
  4. McSundae

    Enhanced Menu + Location Window in Menu v1.0

    Hello Guys, this is my very first post and my first script for RMMV - so it's not very complex. I started giving the Menu some better look by positioning the specific parts, this is optimized for a maximum of 3 player Party. In addition i was in need of an location window - many of you will...
  5. Richard Dragon

    Set Event Location, someone know the Script?

    Hi, i see the list but there is no Script for Set Event Location, Someone know?. Thanks in advice, :)
  6. Libeliam

    Mini map?

    Its possible make a mini map for the game? (IN ALL MAPS) Something like that image... sorry for the bad english...
  7. Petite Elite

    Eventing a Dynamic Map Selection

    This tutorial will teach you how to create a "quick travel" or "teleport" scene purely using events. The locations the player is able to quick travel to only become available once they discover them, and are listed in the order they are discovered. This tutorial was created as part of the RMDev...
  8. DShroom

    Get map HUD to always show over overlay (Parallax) [ACE]

    Hi all I am using the Xail System Map HUD script on a current project - http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/2394-xs-map-hud/ It works great and looks really good, only downside is it appears under my overlay layer for Parallax mapping (for which I am using Yami's Overlay script), so in a forest...
  9. yanfly visual battlers party location

    Hey, I'm using the yanfly visual batters script  Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17078211/Scripts/YEA/Visual_Battlers.rb and I was wondering, how can I make it so they are facing up and are at the bottom of my screen shown...
  10. yanfly visual battlers party location

    How can I adjust the player location in battle I want to move the party down a bit. I'm using the yanfly visual battlers script.
  11. Level Based Locations

    Hi, I'm hard at work on my first RPG Maker game, but Im having trouble setting up a dungeon that only appears on the world map once the actor as hit a certain number. I messed around with variables but I can't seem to wrap my head around this one. Any help would be deeply appreciated. 
  12. Original state sprite sheet location

    I'm new around there, and I have some troubles with custom sprites. About their format, actually. I hope I'm not asking something which has already been answered... Actually, what I want to do is to create a new state : Super Poison (got the idea from Pokemon, it's actually a poison which is...

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