1. RMMZ Searching within console log

    Hi, do you guys have any tips for searching a property within an object? For example, i know there is this property which has "skeleton" string within its name, and it's belong to object Game_Actor. I want to search for all of Game_Actor's properties those has "skeleton" string within its name...
  2. RMMV Enemy Actions Log

    You guys know any plugin that record enemies' actions in battle? I think it's a great feature to be able to re-check what actions enemies took & their effects (skills' description). Hopefully somebody will make a plugin for this, thanks
  3. PrideOfTheForbidion

    Log Book Plugin

    Using rpg maker mv, I have had a bit of a look around though, I can't seem to find anything like what I'm looking for, I'm looking for a plugin that can record the actions and choices the player makes in game, in a text format, so when you read it, it should read like a story, something like...
  4. Plugin-related errors after disabling the plugin

    Lately, I've downloaded a plugin that's supposed to fix the audio lag in RPG Maker MV. It worked! My game runs smoothly and there are no real issues with it, however the options menu is absolutely broken, even if the options don't involve audio at all. For example, "always dash". Before posting...
  5. Amarok

    Help creating a persistent log window (SOLVED)

    Hello guys! so ive recently started to learn coding but this is still too much for me, if you don't know exactly what im talking about Just be able to open and close a window that shows up more lines of text as i add them, then once its filled it clears the window and starts again. I got...
  6. Lartu

    Earthbound-like Battle Log

    Hi there! I've been looking all around for a way to display my battle log in the same way Mother games do. That is, a text-box that sits on the top part of the screen and describes what's going on in the battle, much like a window called with a common event, but for the battle log. I don't...
  7. Rink27

    Question: Output Console Log Copy

    Hi. Personally, I don't really like the thought of burdening someone with making a plugin for me, so I'm first asking to see if anything similar exists and hopefully if someone can explain how difficult or easy it can be to achieve? (I haven't find anything like a plugin for this) Currently I...
  8. Rink27

    Adding colour to Console.log

    Is it possible? For example: console.log("\C[10]Test"); outputs Test in the relevant colour. Or is there any other way to make certain console logs to stand out more besides you being creative?
  9. Aien2323

    Moghunter Scene_Menu with GameusQuestSystem

    So I'm having difficulty getting these two scripts to run together. I also have YEP_MainMenuManager. The problem comes from the Quest%20Journal.png file not being in the img/menus/main/commands directory as seen in the attached picture. But I added one as seen in the second attachment. In...


    Hi, guys. I'm looking for a super-simple plugin that shows the window messages scrolling after pressing action button. If you have played Cave Story or Earthbound, you probably know what I mean.
  11. masterlobo

    How to show full window frame on battle log?

    Hello, I want to show the full window on the battle log instead of a transparent line. I've dived into rpg_windows.js -> Window_BattleLog and I can't find where is the frame from the battle log being removed. The only thing I was able to add was to make the log non transparent. Any help or...
  12. Jragyn

    A log or record window, feedback wanted.

    This plugin, as it stands, seems to function as intended. The purpose of it is to display (in a window in the lower right of the screen) a list of things collected, namely EXP / GP / items for a set amount of time, then they disappear. Compared to other plugins I've made, this isn't a...
  13. [ noodels4life ] Quest Log Overlay!

    Hello !  :D :D I am "noodels4life". I am currently requesting a plugin that puts a kind of Quest Log Overlay in the map, when the player walks around in the world. I'm currently using the "Game_Stailer94 Quest System" for my quests and its working out fantastically! But then I heard of the...
  14. Mr. Trivel

    Quest Log

    Name: Quest Log Version: 1.0a Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-05-03   What does it do? Tracks quests, awards players for completing them.   Video: How to use? To manage quests ingame use script calls or plugin commands.   Plugin...
  15. Nekonron

    Chat History/Log

    I've been looking for a way to display dialog history (something like the one from Ace Attorney 5) where players can go through in case they missed something or went through the conversation too fast. I'm actually surprised that I couldn't find anything that can do this, or am I missing...
  16. MeowFace

    Battle Log Canceller

    Made for a request here.   This script cancel the result log display of certain skill/item in the battle message log. eg. Monster Name suffered 100 damage. Monster Name evaded your attack.   This is useful for those who want to make skills and formula doing stuffs outside of normal attack and...
  17. SilverDash

    Item Log

    Item Log V1.11 Author: Squirting Elephant Features: - Shows a log of the last looted items. - Can optionally automatically add the loot to the party's inventory. - Can optionally play sound effects when picking up loot/gold. - Has optional text shading to darken previously picked up items. -...
  18. [ACE] Displaying {Yanfly} combat log text without it appearing mid-battle?

    This is the normal command to have text be displayed in the log of Yanfly's Combat Log Display https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/battle-scripts/combat-log-display/ combatlog(text)However, this call was not designed to be accessed outside of the script (or so I believe). So I normally...
  19. [ACE] Delete Yanfly battle log entries when it gets too full?

    Referring to https://github.com/Archeia/YEARepo/blob/master/Battle/Combat_Log_Display.rb there is a pause when loading the combat log during battle, and I suspect that there's a possibility that checking it after a very long battle or when there is already a lot of memory being used could cause...
  20. typhon01

    Typhon01 Quest Log

    Typhon01 Quest Log Typhon01     Introduction This is a quest log script that I wrote to provide a scene that can list any and all active "quests" that the player may have at any given time. What makes my system unique? Read on to find out!   Features -  "File and switch" based. All of the...

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