logo design

  1. youngyokai

    youngyokai's Logo and Icon Workshop (0/3)

    Hi everyone, my name is youngyokai and I'm a logo and UI artist. I'm looking to take some requests here to build up my skill and showcase work that can help devs with their projects. I am only taking three requests for now. Rules: Please be specific with your request, giving detailed outlines...
  2. Munkee

    [CLOSED] In Need of Logo Design

    Hello to all reading this. I'm currently developing a freeware title called Legend of the Sages, a semi-serious fantasy RPG where eight silly friends are plunged into a world-saving adventure against their will. As you saw in the title of this post, We've been needing a logo for this game...
  3. From Ariel

    Title Screens by Ariel - [Not Taking Requests]

    NOT Taking Requests I used to make title screens as a hobby to test my art skills. I'm gonna try that again as I am getting out of practice on my art. Requirements for Requests (You must follow this format to be considered.) Image size (X pixels / Y pixels | Ex. 816x624) Name of the Game...
  4. Galenmereth

    Looking for feedback: Logo design for TDD

    I'm working on an updated logo for my company, Tor Damian Design. I'd love to hear what everyone here thinks of my new logo concept. Do not be afraid of being honest; I'd prefer the absolute truth, to see what associations and any positive and/or negative connotations you might feel. For...

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decided to have subclasses work differently in my game. They summon in a partner when you select one. this took some work tho as I had to get the class scene to pop up as a common event instead of straight from the menu. it was the only way to add/remove party members while on the menu screens.

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