1. Fancy Ferret Studios

    Fancy Ferret's Logo Workshop

    Hello! I'm new here and just getting into RPG creation but I'm not new to graphics and have been around quite a while. There's a ton of fantastic resources available in the RPG Maker community and I'd like to contribute as well by offering some logo services. CAVEATS - Please keep in mind my...
  2. hyde9318

    GFX Bunker: Restocked

    Welcome one and all to... Welcome to the new and rebooted GFX Bunker. I'm sure the Graphic Bunker is WAY before your time for some of you, but I will explain what this is to catch us up real quick. The Graphic Bunker was a Logo and Title Screen shop I opened WAY back in the day for a short...
  3. RadiantCadenza

    Radiant Cadenza Studios: music, logos and interface graphics

    Hello everyone. I'm a composer and graphic designer. I've decided to start taking free requests because I have a few skills I need to get some more practice with, and making stuff for other people is a good way to branch out.  Terms of use: For graphics, my main specialty is graphics for...
  4. Elfsong

    Elf's Titles and Logos

    Well hey everyone the topic title explains almost everything I make titles! (Title... I make titles... PUNS!!) I only do three requests at a time and you must follow the request form. Request Form Title: Name of the game Font: Describe what you want the font to look like or provide one :3...
  5. Evan Finkel

    Zalett's workshop

    I am doing free service for a short amount of time (Logos, title screens and gameovers) .   Before you request, read some of my rules. 5 requests per day. (per person) Only for non-commercial games. Only usable for RPG maker series. Template Type- (Title screen, gameover or logo.) Text-...
  6. FinalRed7

    Game Logos for Title Screens & Pictures

    Heyyyoooo everyone! I'm FinalRed7, and my friends believe I'm pretty good at making Game Title Screens, so I thought why not do it for RPG Maker VX Ace!  I got one for my friend, Yoshigang5673, and he said it looked awesome. So how to commission a game title screen, you have to fill this out...
  7. Karberus

    Karberus' Graphics Studio (Title Screens, Logos, etc...)

    Hello world of RPG's, Today I decided to begin working on title screens mostly for fun, since I like learning different stuff. Here I'll post my work and I would appreciate any comments and ideas or suggestions. UPDATE - I'm back and ready to make some Title screens and other graphics for 2014...

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