1. soniiiety

    alien creatures with other art

    above is alien creatures^ be warned some may give nightmares and be frighting , it's your responsibility if you get scared or not. zenron prototype above with some art from my dream as well, the dude is the suit is called kerlin.^ I will add more art/photos if i can fit it in
  2. roiaa

    2D Art dump

    DJ Sona Fan art Feel free to message me.
  3. BeeGamer

    Hello RpgMakerWeb

    Hi guys! My name is Bianca, I'm from Argentina, and this is the first time that I got an account on a international forum. :) English isn't so easy for me, but I'll try my best to help and meet new people (and sorry beforehand for any mistakes). I always use Tumblr and it always was very good...
  4. ShinNessTen

    Shin's Pixelcrap

    Hello, i thought of making a thread about all my Pixelart related stuff so everyone can see how bad i am at doing pixelated hair and what not... I guess the first one to show would be my boy Arma: This fella likes smoking and brutally punching everybody to death. He's experienced in...
  5. Vandriette

    Auto ride airship and cant get out

    Hey, Im looking for a way to have a player automatically enter an airship the second the player enters the map, and how to make sure for the remainder of the map, they shouldnt be able to get out, any help?
  6. Mahoken

    How do I make this formula work in the battle formula

    I'm trying to make this basic attack formula work, but it keeps inflicting an insane amount of damage instead. I have the formula like this in RPG maker: a.atk * (100 / 100 + b.def) If the user's ATK was 30, and the enemies defense was 20, the enemy would take 25 damage. 30 * (100 / 100 + 20)...
  7. Derahex

    Problem Exporting Game...

    HELLO WORLD. I'M GOING TO GREET YOU LIKE BY SAYING I NEED HELP AND RELEASING CAPS LOCK. On a more serious note, I'm going to do like so many before me and create an account for the sole purpose of begging for help on a notion answered countless other times! Yay! Now let's get this over with...
  8. Cutscenes after title.

    Helloz people of the community of RPG, as you can tell I'm new, but I do know alot about gaming and game design. I've decided to buy RPG maker vx and make a few indie games before I start a company but to my problem :lol:... I would like a in-game cut-scene to play (not a FMV) before anything...

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