looking for artist

  1. mar333

    FREE Looking for Artists

    Hi! I'm rather new here, but I have this idea for a game. It is an RPG with elements of a visual novel. Anyone interested in helping shall be given a copy of the full game and a special version! Not sure if I'll commercialize it... My roles in this project? Coding - I am currently coding the...
  2. Vulgore Entertainment

    FREE In need of an artist

    Engine: MV Synopsis: We are in need of an artist, any art style is acceptable, for our current project we need someone who is skilled at designing both characters, and tiles, as they would be essentially replacing all of MV's default assets with original artwork. It would be recommended for...

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hmmm. an art of mine was removed from reddit, for a reason not even listed.
Going to try my luck with Rust programming language. C++ is just way too gosh darn frustrating.

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