1. MemeCatGames

    How to have a loop broken by player touch?

    It's a balloon animation, looped. I saw you could have it by direction, and pressing certain special buttons (shift, etc), but is there a way to just have it be player touch? Someone recommended an invisible switch next to the item, but that doesn't really help me - because the idea of the...
  2. NovetNovA

    WEBM Videos not looping correctly

    Hello! im using the latest beta branch version and videos aren't looping correctly. There's a clearly visible blinking that randomly ocurrs between loops. That's the only bug i've encountered so far, but i think it's a problematic one. Looping videos are a constant resourse on my proyect. (it's...
  3. PhxFire

    LF Simple BGM Loop

    I need a relaxing background music loop for a small forest village. I'm looking for something in a similar style to minecraft's BGM (here)... Not quite as slow/ relaxing as that but as a more of a reference point. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  4. [Scroll Type: Loop Both] not working?

    So when my map is 17x13 the map will scroll just fine, but when It's higher than that, it won't let me loop. Any ideas? I'm pretty new to rpg maker mv. Plus, I do have an event on the map. Could that be the cause? (rip english)
  5. Need help to make diamond grid nested loop

    Hi everyone, Great day! I am trying to make a diamond grid nested loop but I have a problem with it. There are excessive events created that are more than the desired diamond grid. Kindly check the attached files for the picture. Here are my event commands and scripts: Control Variables ...
  6. FrozenNorseman

    Looping OGG Background Music

    This is probably a flogged horse, but for all my scouring these boards and looking through various tutorials I cannot, for the life of me, figure out a solution. I have a song that I want to loop. Using audacity I figured out where the loop starts and ends, and have placed down my labels. And...
  7. RPG_itch_Studio

    Edit the loop pattern in the YED_SideviewBattler plugin!

    I use the Vibrato battler sprite sheets, and some of them have 4 frames per animation. The YED_SideviewBattler plugin is very useful and easy to use in these cases. However, I noticed that this plugin plays the frames in LOOPED animations in the following order: 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4-... Is there a...
  8. Kenvarus

    Player stuck in autorun event

    So after this event is supposed to end (i have it set up to self switch) my character cant be moved and cant interact with anything, I assume ive got something set up wrong with the looping i did for my text question so if i could get some imput on what i did wrong (or alternate problems if i...
  9. fakusian

    I am having a problem before the fight, always starting again!

    I cant finish a battle! :< these are my plugins! i cant understand what is wrong here! i try turning off every plugin!
  10. Im New and need help! Visual Novel Maker Password Loop

    Hi my friends! Im actualy new in this world of visual novel maker. Im trying my best to develope my own visual novel but im struggling to make the most common things haha. basicaly my atual problem is: i need to make a loop in a password event. Like: the "player" need to write the password...
  11. KayZaman

    Waterfall parallax background (mv)

    Dear community, I’m looking an image of waterfall for parallax background. A waterfall image that loops up to down for background. Once I got the image, I’ll show the result. Thank you.
  12. VintageOddity

    Repeating Event, Help!

    So, I want the player to save their game at a desk. To save they need to turn on the desk lamp which allows them to save and afterward it turns the desk lamp off. I want this event to repeat itself each time the player interacts with the desk but I can't seem to figure out how to do it. Below...
  13. Exayda

    Common Event Image Transition Help?

    I would like to make a common event that uses a sequence of pictures to emulate the animation effects from videos. I would like for the animation to be able to loop, branch off into other animation sequences and end via choices and or buttons. I believe this possible via common events alone...
  14. Brigg

    var(var(n)) == var(var(n)) not working?

    I have an event that sets values to Variables 24-31. Variable 11, in this scenario, is a random number. Rather than list them individually, I made a loop that references another variable within the variable. However, I just can't seem to get it to work. I realize, listing them is technically...
  15. Morpheus

    Text is messed up after event loop

    So I made a script-free fishing event that looks like this. (It gives a potion as a test item only) However, any time a text box shows up after that is severely distorted or appears off screen. What could be causing this? I suspect it has to do with looping in my event.
  16. mardin

    Animation Loop/ Loop Break!

    Hi guys, I need your help - I've been working with pictures a lot lately, to add variety to my games. For example, when the hero comes to a specific place, he can meditate to regain mana. If he decides to do that, a short animation of 3 pictures comes up. Now, I want the player to decide how...
  17. Isabella Ava

    Melody G.Piano Soundtrack

    Well, i made a random song in this rainy morning :p So lets call it "Rainy Morning" track Feel free to use for Non-commercial or commercial game but you are required to credit me :)
  18. SergeofBIBEK

    Action Sequence Loops 1.10

    Action Sequence Loops 1.10 SergeofBIBEK Hey everyone! I made a plugin that I think would be useful to hardcore action sequence makers! **Introduction** This is a really simple plugin. It allows you to loop within action sequences. **How to Set Up** Place this plugin below...
  19. Denisowator

    NPCs with local sound?

    I want to make NPCs with sound effects looping, and for those effects to change volume based on how far away the player is from that NPC (event). For example, if you're in a dark cave and can barely see. I'd want to attach a footstep sound to the NPCs' event, and loop it. And also have the...
  20. Transfer from map to map

    Friends i am new to RPG Maker MV but have watched the tutorials and have created a World Map MAP001 and a Village Map MAP002 and when i go to create an event to transfer from the world map to the village i naturally go through the protocol to get to the events/transfer window and select the...

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