1. mardin

    Animation Loop/ Loop Break!

    Hi guys, I need your help - I've been working with pictures a lot lately, to add variety to my games. For example, when the hero comes to a specific place, he can meditate to regain mana. If he decides to do that, a short animation of 3 pictures comes up. Now, I want the player to decide how...
  2. Isabella Ava

    Melody G.Piano Soundtrack

    Well, i made a random song in this rainy morning :p So lets call it "Rainy Morning" track Feel free to use for Non-commercial or commercial game but you are required to credit me :)
  3. SergeofBIBEK

    Action Sequence Loops 1.10

    Action Sequence Loops 1.10 SergeofBIBEK Hey everyone! I made a plugin that I think would be useful to hardcore action sequence makers! **Introduction** This is a really simple plugin. It allows you to loop within action sequences. **How to Set Up** Place this plugin below...
  4. Denisowator

    NPCs with local sound?

    I want to make NPCs with sound effects looping, and for those effects to change volume based on how far away the player is from that NPC (event). For example, if you're in a dark cave and can barely see. I'd want to attach a footstep sound to the NPCs' event, and loop it. And also have the...
  5. Transfer from map to map

    Friends i am new to RPG Maker MV but have watched the tutorials and have created a World Map MAP001 and a Village Map MAP002 and when i go to create an event to transfer from the world map to the village i naturally go through the protocol to get to the events/transfer window and select the...
  6. Damaris

    Audio Looping using Metadata tags.

    Ever wonder how the default RPG maker music loops? It's pretty simple, but in spite of looking I have never seen anyone explain it on the forums. RMMV (And AFAIK most other makers) are designed to read STARTLOOP and LOOPLENGTH tags in an audio files metadata. I'll be using a small piece of open...
  7. Parallax Loop speed

    Hi!! I was just wondering, is there a way to make a parallax loop faster than the default max (32). I want to make an effect where clouds are speeding by very fast, to make it look like a large amount of time is being passed. It's an effect i see sometimes in movies and i'd like to implement it...
  8. Wren

    A problem with a loop event set up for a timer

    Does anyone know why when I set up a loop that works like: loop wait 60 set variable second -1 if second =or< 0 set second = 60 set minute -1 if minute =or< 0 run common event clock out end loop And in my common event I have set up a screen fade out, I change the...
  9. Kamayak

    Looping map + events

    I have made a desert map that loops, when the player enters the map they are traped :( The idea was that the map was going to work as an event with 2 (well 3) possible exits, moving in a pattern to get to exit 1 or exit 2 or just move left three times to exit the map back to where you...
  10. Squid_Larry

    Looping Problem

    Hi! I've been having trouble with having loops work correctly. I want to show a sprite moving on a loop, and stop it when I want with a trigger, but it almost always just crashes it? How do I get a loop to run in the background like that, and then let other things happen until I want to take it...
  11. Infinite Car Loop

    Hello everyone, I don't know if here it's be the most suitable place to exhibit this doubt.   I wonder how I can create an endless loop of cars moving on a road, My road has 150 tiles and it goes on one single direction without any turns. Do I have to create an...

    Need some help using a loop or other structure to handle an event after a variable change

    I have an event, we will call it “EVENT MASTER”, that manages everything on the current map screen and is supposed to change a variable value for variable “NPCVAL” that is used to control the behavior of a second event that runs parallel to it. At the start NPCVAL = 100000 The second event...
  13. Repeating cutscene

    Help, I've searched and searched but none of the answers work for me. I set up an event at my main character's home town as kind of a send off event to start the game. It doesn't trigger until the main character touches the spot on the outside of town. It was fine before but now when i revisit...
  14. Intro re-runs after I save and exit?

    Hi, So I made an intro for my game and the event is set for autorun. I decided to save my game so then I can keep testing as I was progressing throughout the game. When I decided to make another region to go to, I entered an event that made me switch to the next region. But when I returned to...
  15. Oscar92player

    [RM2k3] Looping audio (WAV)

    Hello! First of all, I'm using the RPG Maker 2k3 Version 1.11. I think no one has asked this before. I know there is a way to loop tracks in VX, VX Ace and MV using the OGG format and the tags LOOPSTART and LOOPLENGTH. However, in RPG Maker 2003 I don't know if there is a way to loop tracks...
  16. NotFlamingo

    Script to stop parallel common event

    Hello, I'm trying to make custom hud that updates itself every frame or at least every second. I need it to show pictures and item counts. I need it to auto-hide on specific regions, also when player opens menu and when map event says to stop showing it. I successfully created custom hud...
  17. Rigor Mortex

    Trouble Looping Music

    Following a tutorial, I edited a song I've had for a while as a test run for looping (the attached file is the result) in Audacity. I did everything as instructed, and to the letter as far as I can tell. However, testing the song in MV, it plays up until a certain point I'm assuming is where I...
  18. nio kasgami

    How to do a "each" method in JS

    So hi guys, I was wondering because I want to do something like a atb system similar to this :  the problem in Ruby it's easy...but in JS it's kinda weird...I just don't know how to do a proper "each" method. here my coding...in simple this really similar to game_Battler I just...
  19. Is it possible to make a movie clip repeat smoothy

    So in order to try to save file size I have made a small movie clip that I would like to repeat smooth x or infinite (until keypress) times.  I have attempted to use loop with play movie and wait, but it never works out perfectly and there is always clipping where the movie stops playing for a...
  20. Looping OGG Files With Intros

    Hello. I'm trying to be able to have OGG BGM loop using metadata defined loop points in RPG Maker XP. This appears to be something that was successfully done in the past. Specifically, there seems to be a script that was written which uses the FMOD audio library to achieve this. It looks like...

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