1. TetsuyaHikari

    How to make an event stop repeating after opening the Main Menu and starting a new game?

    Alright, so it seems someone encountered an exploit in my project recently and I was hoping someone could help me figure out exactly how to stop it. When you start a new game, you are given a short intro, then you take one step forward and you're allowed to create your characters. Once this...
  2. Milena

    Replicating Sprites on Scene_Title

    I have a plugin I am writing and I want this object to get repeated, and have them with different x, y, anchor.x, anchor.y and rotation. Here's my code: Scene_Title.prototype.create_glitter = function() { this.glitter_object = new Sprite(); this.glitter_object.bitmap =...
  3. Looping Lag help

    Every time that I run a parallel event with a loop in it when the loop comes around, the game lags, and usually doesn't even restart the loop.  I'm currently just trying to loop two npcs basically just moving back and forth.  very simple.  but can't make the game not lag any help would be...
  4. Brintax

    How do i create and sound loop?

    Hey Guys   Surely you think i am stupid or something but im really new at RMMV so please dont kill me ^^     I want to create a loop event which plays a specific sound all 3-4 seconds. But somehow i cant do it..   I know this is simple, but yeah..   Hope you can help me out :)
  5. McTone

    Looping event that disappears and reappears at starting position

    So I'm sure the answer is easier than I'm making it, but I'll reach out just in case.  I have a rock that floats down what is essentially a river. Then, when it gets to the bottom of the screen it disappears. I then want it to reappear it it's starting position and start all over, giving the...
  6. Shabraxxx

    Shabz' somewhat subtle sounds

    Hello dear reader! Welcome to this thread, in which I, Shabz, share with you my free, self made music collection as well as my fine knowledge of the english language. In case you are familiar with the german language, however, I strongly recommend you to read my original post – it's way...
  7. Schematist

    How to Create JRPG Battle Theme

    How to Create JRPG Battle Theme using FL Studio for Beginners.
  8. HeroofTime123

    Fixed Picture script on a Looping map

    I'm making a forest map that's sort of maze-ish so I have it loop horizontally. I also added a picture to make it look like the trees were casting a shadow. I found a script that would keep the picture in a fixed position which is good because I have a large map (this is the...
  9. Tint/moving troubles

    Hi! I'm having some troubles with an event. I'm trying to make an event to simulate a stroboscopic light. You click on it while playing (turning on) and then it tints the screen into darker colour, then a loop starts with a flash (3 frames) and a wait (17 frames).I didn't upload the screenshot...
  10. artimiss1238

    Event Problem

    I'm still relatively new to this program so the answer might just be something simple.  I have this event where a character shows up after the player has obtained all the members in the party, but it won't run.  I have tried many different things like conditional branches, autorun, self...
  11. Tuomo L

    [ACE]Moghunter Schala system causes death by floor damage sends character to endless loop

    I found out a really weird bug I don't think I ever encountered before, when my character dies by the floor damage there appears a message "*character name* has fallen!",  their sprite becomes like half tranparent and they begin to continuously walk in spot. The character becomes uncontroable...
  12. DorkLord

    Need help with For-Next Loop to check player/event collision in range of events

    I understand the logic behind RGSS but I'm not up to snuff on the proper syntax, callwords, etc. Here's what I'm trying to do. I've got a line of events like spikes or lava or whatever behind the player that continually move up in a straight line together forcing the player to keep running...
  13. CHIRO

    [SOLVED] [XP] map loop not doest make save and game

    helo it is i again youre friedn CHIRO i an makign an wonderbful vipeohgane from srtory i write however it has discover problem. to fool then player into thnikgn then map is biger than it realy is, ans to keep player on centre, i use Dirtie's Map Wrap sricpt. HOWEVER,,, ehen the lpayer ever...
  14. Lisarda

    Help with Timesystem

    Hello everybody :D I have created a timesystem so I could costumize schedules for NPCs. I've even made a clock (hours only :/ ) and a calendar. My problem is that the timesystem gets stuck at sunday. Until then everything works fine but once it hits sunday it just stays sunday. Could...
  15. glenjj

    BGS with event/item Issue

    Hi guys, new user of vx ace here, loving it so far, still learning it all though, and I've got stumped on something that I'm sure is obvious to fix lol Anyways this is what I'm trying to do: I made an animated tv showing static (& a tv turned off tile for when its off), and I want to have it...
  16. dahilig007

    Parallel Process (Talking NPC)

    I was working in a particular project when suddenly.. I thought of an idea About NPCs talking to each other. Well normally we use "Stepping Animation" to make them look like talking. So I was wondering of putting the "Stepping Animation" to both NPCs in Parallel Process so the player can...
  17. Character Event Choice Loop

    I am new to the RPG Maker, and I am trying to do something that is probably simple for many of you. I would appreciate any suggetions/help I could get on this issue. It's hard to explain in words without seeing it, but the sequence is as follows: 1) Main Character is transported to an NPCs...
  18. Zasian

    Animated picture

    Hanzo Kimura created an animated title screen script for VX which has since been ported over to ACE. A great script athough requires 32 images although it is what essentially you're after.

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