1. KayThePianist

    Scripts conflict

    Hello, I wanted to do a 3D loop worldmap. I managed to make work scripts separately without problems but joining them loop is ok going up/left, but going down/right generates a sort of automatic moonwalk effect. I couldn't solve it and I tried extending the map and setting some automatic...
  2. bluechuii

    Can i get help with Event loops/ Player input, please?!

    So, I have an event that is a Loop. It's acting as a menu selection. The player walks up to a wardrobe. They press enter and it shows the pictures. Player input with Up and/or down, goes through different Pictures. (This is to change the player's outfit and It's pretty important to the overall...
  3. bluechuii

    Please help me with loops/ Input!

    I'm trying to make a 'menu' of sorts. I was told Loops and Conditional branches would be a good way to do it. So, basically, I have pictures that are like a menu. I want the player to be able to press up and down to flick through the options and press ok so they can choose an outfit etc. I...
  4. QuietlySilver

    VX ACE - Conditional Branch "Z Button Is Being Pressed" Issue?

    Hello! This is my first thread on the forum, so I apologize if I've incorrectly categorized/posted anything beneath the wrong section - I usually attempt to solve my own errors, so I've never done this before, ha. I'm currently working on a custom main menu, and I've been held up by a...

    Is it possible for character/object goes off map & loops back from the other side without using loop map?

    Hi, I was just wondering this is possible or if there's a code for it somewhere. Basically I wanna make a character/object goes off the map and loops back from the other side of the same map WITHOUT using scroll type loop map? Hope it doesn't sound confusing or anything > <
  6. Parallax Panda

    So I want an overlay image on a looping map...

    What the title says. I have a horizontally looping map and I want to use an image as a overlay (for shadows and such). Up until recently I've been using Galv's "LayersGraphics" plugin but I don't think he supports it anymore and it can't handle looping maps right now anyway. Any other...
  7. KingKraken

    Battle processing won't end in battles with eventing.

    This is a really weird thing I just happened to come by. I'm not quite sure if it's my software itself or if it's a common occurence. But basically, any events where I have some kind of event trigger(like an enemy using a certain attack or text before the battle starts), I'm finding that, if...
  8. SeafoamPresent

    Repeating Event, Help!

    So, I want the player to save their game at a desk. To save they need to turn on the desk lamp which allows them to save and afterward it turns the desk lamp off. I want this event to repeat itself each time the player interacts with the desk but I can't seem to figure out how to do it. Below...
  9. Damaris

    Audio Looping using Metadata tags.

    Ever wonder how the default RPG maker music loops? It's pretty simple, but in spite of looking I have never seen anyone explain it on the forums. RMMV (And AFAIK most other makers) are designed to read STARTLOOP and LOOPLENGTH tags in an audio files metadata. I'll be using a small piece of open...
  10. BattleBack Looping reguardless of batteback res.

    Regardless of what plugins i install or uninstall my battleback loops. I've also tried changing the size of the battleback, but it only ended up pushing off the top half of the picture. This looks really derp. Is there any plugin or script that can help me out? (The missing other characters is...
  11. Carduus

    Remixing/looping free-use audio (The Ring of the Nibelung)

    For a variety of reasons due to the theme of my game, I've wanted to use Richard Wagner's four-part opera  'The Ring of the Nibelung' (you'd know it as the Ride of the Valkyries music, or the image of Bugs Bunny in a viking helmet) as my game's music.  There's such a variety of emotions and...
  12. OZiO

    Is it possible to loop a video for the background of a map?

    Hey guys,  I'm back with another absurd question concerning all things MV. Is it possible to play a video as the map? I know that sounds absurd, but it seems like MV would be able to handle that. Like a short 5 second movie looping over and over that the play can walk on? This seems like a...
  13. Looping Speech Bubble?

    Hi, I hope that this is the right area to post this in. I'm trying to make a sidequest, and I really want to have a looping bubble with an exclamation mark animating above their heads. I'm using the "show balloon icon" script in the game. But it only shows up once then goes away as soon as I...
  14. Intro re-runs after I save and exit?

    Hi, So I made an intro for my game and the event is set for autorun. I decided to save my game so then I can keep testing as I was progressing throughout the game. When I decided to make another region to go to, I entered an event that made me switch to the next region. But when I returned to...
  15. Show Animation won't stop repeating

    So I'm brand new to RPG Maker VX Ace and have only been working with it for 3 days. I'm still easily confused, and am trying to do an animation on map for a cutscene. I set up the event, to have the animation play right away, Then the NPC moves 2 tiles to the right , and the animation is...
  16. RouletteBunnie

    Need Help with Weather Looping

    Good Afternoon, I am currently having problems with my weather looping. I have it all set and frames are correct, the only issue that I am having is that the weather looping transfers to other maps that are connected to the map ( like sub maps created under a certain map ). Is there a way to...
  17. Inmento Riku

    Cutscene keeps looping

    So I've finished with the intro cutscene, well pretty much I just need to finish the options for Chris and Alara, and it keeps looping. I have break loops in with every choice but I think I missed something. I'll be adding my event/cutscene into the spoiler below so if anyone could check it out...
  18. Seamlessly Looping BGS sound

    I'm using the built in Rain BGS, but the loop is pretty short. I've recorded and looped my own, longer rain BGS and it loops seamlessly when played in any other audio player. But when I import into RPG Maker VX Ace,  I can still hear a frame of silence where the file stops and then starts...
  19. defunct-user

    Short song needed fo guard chase

    Hello. For the musicians out there, I'm in dire need of a good chase song; a short one. No more than 8 bars/measures in length and preferably something that can loop easily. The style I'm searching for is medieval fantasy, preferably with (at least) a pipe organ and some kind of drums. The...
  20. Issue with an event

    So I'm making a small fetch quest, but during a scene where the character goes to buy an item during an event, after my dialogue ends, it loops itself. As far as I can tell, it's not running on a loop, I have most settings set to the basics, except some switches. Any thoughts?

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