loose leaf

  1. N-Amata

    Loose Leaf Generator Problems

    So I decided to take Loose Leaf's generator for a spin but whenever I click on the image it produces, it keeps giving me a blank picture named "None." Am I doing something wrong here?
  2. NeoFantasy

    Hair for a sprite (Vx Ace) request

    Hello everyone. I’ve ran into a little wall while working on my project and that wall is the fact that I suck at pixel art. I can manage with GCH however, I need an original hair style for one of the main characters. What I need: A custom hair style for a vxace sized character (I’m using...
  3. Dan; a badger king

    Tall character templates UPDATE 10/10

    Tall Character Templates In progress: Body diversity I made these for my own use but thought someone else might be interested as well. If you have an idea on how to improve them, let me know! Terms of Use: RPG Maker: The battlers and the MV-head template are edited MV RTP, so not available...
  4. icerose05

    Mad Hatter Spite?

    EDIT: Nevermind someone helped me out. This post can be deleted. I need a Mad Hatter sprite in MACK/Loose leaf sprite, and I'd like him to look more like Tim Burton's version. Would someone be so kind as to make one for me please?

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