1. ThreeSixNine

    Custom Loot Pools

    Custom Loot Pools Introduction This RPG Maker MV plugin allows for the creation of custom loot pools for your items, weapons and armor*, through the use of custom notetags. You can then award the player a random element from a given pool. You can also award multiple random elements from a given...
  2. FAWKS

    RMMZ Loot Table Plugin?

    Hello all! I'm trying to add tiered loot to my game so that when players open a treasure chest, it's randomized and has a different percent chance to drop different levels of items. ex. wooden chest = 90% chance junk, 10% chance rare Metal Chest = 60% chance junk, 30% chance rare, 10% chance...
  3. Pheonix KageDesu

    Extended Loot - make looting and treasure hunt visually better

    Extended Loot 1.2 Pheonix KageDesu Features Loot Lists - loot is now in the form of a convenient list. It can be seen that you have found. You can take only what you need. Pick up Pop Up's Visual Item's drop - items jump out from chest to gound, you can collect them or leave Items rarity...
  4. RMMV ___________Devil's Dungeon - The hardest action, strategy RPG you will ever play!___________

    Devil's Dungeon SYNOPSIS Devil’s Dungeon is an action - strategy game made with one singular objective: Gameplay. In this game, you create your own original character, choose from the 21 different classes, 126 weapon arts and 84 spells to create your own, unique battle style. Instead of...
  5. Sparky89

    RMMV That time I got sucked into a computer game- DEMO - AVAILABLE.

    Update/Fixes Hello all, over the last couple of months I have been working on a project, Today I would like to talk a little about the project. And allow you all to try my Demo!. See Download at the bottom of this POST. IT boast around 1 hour and a half of gameplay! Title: That time I got...
  6. dingk

    Loot Tables v1.0.1 (2021-07-05)

    Loot Tables v1.0.1 Author: dingk RMMV version 1.6.2 Launched April 29, 2020 Updated July 5, 2021 Download Itch.io Link -or- Raw Source (Right-click > Save As...): Commented Version ( 29 KB ) Minified Version ( 17 KB ) Introduction Do you need your enemies to drop more loot or change how...
  7. RMMV Forsaken Kingdoms : Zelda/KingdomHearts Inspired ARPG

  8. ovate

    Random Treasure

    Random Treasure - 2018/09/05 Ver.1.3 Creator name: kido0617 Overview Get randomize items as an event. Set-up After installing this plugin, use "RandomTreasure reset" as a plugin command for event. Items are registered in the shop process after this command which randomizes items. Shop does...
  9. kat821

    Yanfly Victory Aftermath - skipping loot screen when there's no loot

    Link to the script The screen still shows up even if the enemy didn't drop anything. It just shows that I got 0 money from the battle. Is it possible to adjust the script so that this screen won't show up if there's no loot? Thanks for help in advance.
  10. Xina

    Weird Loot Drop Glitch

    Hi everyone! I am having a very bizarre glitch where enemies drop 7 of everything. As an example, one enemy is set up with a drop rate of Meat: 1/1 but then will drop 7 meat after winning the battle. (Please note there is only 1 enemy in the troop, so it is not multiplying the loot by the...
  11. something i really want to make

    So i've been thinking about the current system i have in place for looting containers like bookshelves etc, usually its something similar to this. the common event is simply a search timer. here's what it comes out looking like, the thing i would perfer though, would be a window where i could...
  12. Morpheus

    Pearl ABS + Pixel Movement Loot Help

    So long story short, I have Pearl ABS working with Victors Pixel Movement. Everything is fine and dandy except one teensy weensy problem... When you kill an enemy and they drop their "loot", it's near impossible to pick up and you have to fidget around trying to find the right pixel you need to...
  13. Yawgmoth

    How to Random Loot Quickly

    Hi all, I have a fairly complete database of weapons, armors, and items. I am using Yanfly's augment plugin to add sockets to armors and weapons which considerably increases both weapons and armors. I am looking for a fast and easy way to generate random loot. I think I would like this to be...
  14. Quanee

    Yanfly victory aftermath - Drops window

    Hello, I'm trying to tweak Yanfly's plugin parameters a bit to get my desired treasure/loot effect in work, but I can't find exact lines in .js file that would help me to do so. Below I'm attaching a pic of what my current settings look like. What I want to achieve is having only one column of...
  15. Quanee

    Battle result request/help

    Hi, After few days of digging into Yanfly's Victory Aftermath and Moghunter's battle result plugins I came to conclusion that it's beyond me to set either of them the way I want. I have come close with Mog's one, but in order to do certain things I'd need to re-write some stuff which I sadly...
  16. Black Mamba

    Visual Drop/Loot Animation in-battle

    i want a system when you kill the enemy they really drop from him, show a animation with Icon from iconset or predefined pictures bounce in the ground and desapear, and show in corner of the screen loot/drop names examples: i made a mockup here:
  17. Help needed! Run code on item drop

    So I'm trying to set up a variable to use for recording how many of an item drop when you kill a monster, but I can't seem to find an "if x drops do y" thing... Anyone know anything about this or similar? >~<"
  18. Tai_MT

    Color Coded Treasure Chests? Exciting or Boring?

    Hello. I recently decided in my game to use a color-coding system for my Treasures. I did this because I had to have 3 chests with unique graphics to indicate, at a glance, how they are meant to be interacted with. I decided, "well, why not do this with all the chests? Maybe this will make...
  19. Biestmann

    Eternal Dreamers | Free Battle RPG | 91% Positive on Steam

    Eternal Dreamers is a battle-focused RPG offering deep tactical combat action. With a wide selection of classes and equipment pieces, the game puts much emphasis on customizability and player choice. This game is for all of you that cannot get enough of the high finding the next piece of shiny...
  20. Loot Wndow

    I'm aware nobody ever actually creates these plugins; because I've requested a ton in the past that never got an eye batted, but I might as well try. Basically; I'm trying to advance the item system in a game I'm creating. What I'm looking for specifically in a plugin is a plugin that; upon...

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