1. remainderstudios

    lose item by script call? VX ACE

    Hi all. I was looking for a script for the player to lose an item randomly when an event occurs but I can't find the script call. Does anyone know how to do it? Thank you
  2. Nirwanda

    Lose tp item

    I'm using tp as a tiredness meter in my game. So, I'd like to create an item (I mean, like a potion or something) that actually lowers the user's tp, but that's impossible in the editor. I was wondering if there was a scripty way of doing this. Thanks! :)
  3. CanLose - Control Defeat Behavior

    Can Lose 1.0 By Tairo   Introduction Changes the default lose behavior from game over to just continuing. (i.e. Makes all battles act like an event battle with the "Can Lose" box checked).   Features - All losses continue game by default (Plug and Play) - You can choose...
  4. Rink27

    Gaining/Losing Item Script Call Help

    Hello. I am trying to force the player to enter battle with a limited number of items. 1) I use the Select Item command and then the script call:  $gameParty.loseItem($dataItems[$gameVariables.value(28)], 1); To save 1 selected item. 2) I then switch the party inventories using another...
  5. iwisdhoy

    Request for Victory/Lose Mechanic

    I am looking to see how to make it so that the class/actor stats combined can determine whether they win or lose a fight. For example, having a greater overall ATK and HP has a higher chance to win a battle against the opponent with lower stats (but it is still possible to lose by a smaller...
  6. How to make character lose 1 Health every step

    Hi there, How would one make the character lose one health for every step they make? Think of a character underwater, and their health as their oxygen. Each move they make, they lose a health point. And how would you refill the health say at an oxygen tank? Thanks so much, Slowboy
  7. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Loss of Buffs after being stunned/paralyzed

    Community, I use VX Ace, and for the life of me I can't figure out how to make paralysis or stun effects NOT remove buffs on the target being stunned/paralyzed. Example: My hero has MAT increase, ATK increase, DEF increase buff on, all of them last 10 turns.  If a spider webs him (hitting him...

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