1. tale

    kotonoha* - Escape Lost Gold (Escape Penalty)

    EscapeLostGold - 2016.05.16 ver1.1 Creator name: kotonoha* Overview You lose your gold when you run away in battle Amount of gold lost is calculated 25% of total gold amount from monsters in battle. Note1: Since escape rate has been modified, it may conflict with other battle plugins. Note2...
  2. dreamfall887

    lord_steak's Sari's and Bindi Generator Parts

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone has a copy of lord_steak's sari generator parts? https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/generator-parts-sari-bindi.29876/ The download link in the post doesn't work. Thanks! :)
  3. How to retrieve product key

    I got a new computer and tried to download VX Ace onto it but I don't remember my product key and I don't have the email anymore. How can I retrieve it?
  4. Nightblade50

    Lost RM game

    No idea where this should go, so I stuck it here. If it should be moved, great :) I put my game Delta Origins on Dropbox. But I was locked out of dropbox due to losing the two factor authentication code (extra security) and I have no way to get it. :( I have an old backup, but it is very old...
  5. LikeHeyItsMark

    VX Ace Lost Product Key

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I've lost the product key emailed to me when I purchased and since purchasing a new laptop would love to get back into my projects. Is there a faster way than submitting a ticket?
  6. readydotexe

    Who made this monitor sprites?

    Hi, for a long time I've been using this monitor sprites for a save point in one of my games, and well I lost who originally made them, does anyone know? So I can credit the original creator or even know if I can use them

    Ok so I've recently purchased the midevil dungeon pack and when I go to add the premade characters into my game they are too large and don't fit. How can I get around that?
  8. Davõr Jörmling

    How to put game on my webiste?

    I have a website page here that I would like to put the demo of my game on. The website is made using Wordpress, and hosted with InMotion Hosting, if these details mean someone can provide me with a more detailed explanation it would be awesome! :) How does one go about doing this? I have...
  9. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Loss of Buffs after being stunned/paralyzed

    Community, I use VX Ace, and for the life of me I can't figure out how to make paralysis or stun effects NOT remove buffs on the target being stunned/paralyzed. Example: My hero has MAT increase, ATK increase, DEF increase buff on, all of them last 10 turns.  If a spider webs him (hitting him...
  10. Kevin O'Ryan


  11. Kevin O'Ryan

    The Hidden Village - Chapter 1 (Massive Update Coming!)

      Non-Commercial game created by TKZ Productions!   A huge update is coming with bug fixes, longer story and improved scripting and graphics!   The Hidden Village is a Mystery, Puzzle Solving game! Hidden Village is a game where you find yourself lost in the frozen Maine...
  12. MasterRavager

    Newbie, and some questions

    I understand that some of these may already have been asked, but if they have, I'm having difficulty finding them and their answers. First, is it possible to change the animations of your characters? For example, the appearance, the movements, and the framerate (speed of animation)? Also, is it...
  13. ShinGamix

    Lost a topic I was following?

    Sorry to make this topic, but I was following a topic I needed to go back to and now I seem to have lost it. I remember it was a topic about replacing the background of the in-game menu with a single pic of the "3 square" areas. Now I can't find it. I needed to get back to it, so I could get the...

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