1. NasranSalleh

    RMMV The Last Will

    THE LAST WILL SECTION A: SYNOPSIS Ever since being diagnosed with cancer, Erica has not lived a fairly easy life. She is mostly restricted to her bed, and her immune system deteriorates as time goes on. There is no cure for her, but endless love and care from you, her willful husband of 50...
  2. Sauteed_Onion

    Festival of Light and Twilight Shrine Japanese Resource Packs

    I want to say the MUSIC in these packs is awesome. At the full price of 9.99 , I was a bit on the fence, but when I bought them on sale for $4.99 a piece, I was so pleasantly surprised. They also come with a nice selection of Japanese themed sound effects and music effects. There is enough music...
  3. Checking if an event has been erased through a script call.

    Hello so i'm making a game where you can fight enemies, and then after a certain amount of time they respawn. Now my friend and I (mostly him) wrote a ruby script that allowed us to have that event respawn, through an event call. But we need to only respawn the event if the event has been...
  4. Plueschkatze

    RMMV Ceress and Orea [Love/Emotional, Adventure, Puzzles, Exploration]

    Ceress and Orea Can Ceress overcome death to be reunited with the woman she loves, Orea? UPDATE: You can wishlist the game now on steam! Trailer: Basic Gameplay Idea: After being thrown down into the Abyss Ceress awakens in a cave environment. An old deity heard her 'prayers' and...
  5. Isabella Ava

    Your Wife & Your married life

    Hey, i know this is a matter can't say by words so let make a poll for it. How do you think about your wife & your married life content removed by mod
  6. iorn

    Let's have a discussion about Criticism!

    So basically what I wanted to talk about is Criticism....Specifically good vs bad Criticism and how both of them effect different developers along with how said developer should go about handling both types of Criticism to avoid harming their product or looking like a butt. ((Might need...
  7. Question about delayed effects from skills in battle.

    I was wondering how to make it so a skill in battle has a delayed effect after x amount of turns. I want to give my party a huge buff and then after 2 turns (which is how long the buffs will last) my entire party loses 50% of their hp. Is there anyway to do this or am I just overreaching?
  8. kajiwi

    The Headmasters Daughter

    Hey everyone, I´m Kajiwi and I´ll be presenting you my current project called "The Headmasters Daughter"! It is a story-orientated game, where you take the role of Alexis Light, a celestis that has lost her her magic abilities as a child and was thrown out from her families guild. Her...
  9. nio kasgami

    Hug Art thread

    Hellow Fellow ! here a thread really simple who serve for share art! BUT!  it's a special thread full of love and caring! it's the HUG ART THREAD! it's meaned to share your art ...but in the HUGGING time c:  so guys...let's do art with love  :wub:   :wub: so here my first one I still...
  10. Cadh20000

    "A Tender Moment"

    I was helping Blindga on the forums brainstorm for a character design for his game and Ellisandra came out of it as a side effect. I wasn't trying to make a new character for my stories. Literally, immediately after I came up with the character description I started thinking...
  11. Shelby

    Let's talk about LOVE!

    Let's spice things up and talk about LOVE! True love, the only kind in my opinion. But some people have differn't views on love, while others do not even believe in it. So what is love to you? Do you believe in true love? Better yet give examples!! And yes I'm going to give examples and plug our...
  12. Ruby

    Serenity Oceans

    "Can you hear me? I keep calling out for you in my dreams, even though we haven't met, I have heard your cries. I know you are there, and I'm here to save you, and to save this land that you left so long ago... I was just a boy then, but I remember your prominence. I... remember. As long as it...
  13. Quigon


        A lonely songwriter finds himself marooned on a strange, dream-like island where anything appears possible. Sheet music rains from the clouds, the horizon fades into the sky, and the few inhabitants that he comes across speak in strange tongues and peculiar riddles. As the surroundings...
  14. gvduck10

    How real life impacts gaming - heartbreak

    I guess I'm just posting this to vent, but last week, while laying in bed, my partner of 3.5 yrs admitted to no longer being in love with me or really attracted to me - and admitted that, despite his and my efforts, he has felt this way for some time now. In addition to struggling to eat...

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