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  1. Eling: First Dimension

    DOWNLOAD Instruction Manual Experience something unique in RM2k3 in this puzzle platform adventure. This game is created after some experiments with RM2k3. Use different power-ups, play various stages and defeat several boss battles. Discover an overworld and spend your earned coins for new...
  2. Twell: Sword of Light

    L.J. Ware presents Twell: Sword of Light From the guy that brought you Shindra Duel Adventures and Eling: First Dimension!   Genre: Action RPG Engine: RPG Maker XP     It all happened long ago on a world called Twell that didn’t know any danger and where the sun was always...
  3. Shindra Duel Adventures

    DOWNLOAD Instruction Manual     Shindra Duel Adventures is an RPG that plays with more than 50 monster cards to battle, to trade and to train with to create your perfect team. Each card has it's own movesets, weakness, levelspeed and status. There are different types that are effective against...

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Caught a guy trying to break into our house today. Appearantly he intended to burgle our neighbor (a 94yo widow) but picked the wrong house. Faced with two angry males he was quick to give up without a fight...
I just joined the club of nerds making their own Excel-Sheets to calculate HP / MP / EXP.. parameter curves
Me: "Finally finished most of my game backlog. Probably time to do some gamedev" | Steam: *offer sales*
If I recorded while I created (what I think is) a small plugin, would you be interested enough in the process to watch it?
I keep trying to explain to clients that the huddle masses behind the old K-Mart are a Fallout Reenactment group. Somehow I don't think they believe me. :LZSskeptic:

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