1. question about luck

    luck purpose is 'chance of status effects'. but if I disable luck, will there be a change in inflict status effect? if my actor luck is 0 with skill/attack have 25% poison inflict, will the attack 25% chance or there will be some modification? Game_Action.prototype.lukEffectRate =...
  2. gvduck10

    What *exactly* does Luck do?

    The engine only says "it controls thinks like status effects". Does anyone actually know, definitively, what Luck stat does in VX Ace? This would better help me utilize it in-game properly.
  3. Luck Stat Clarification

    Hey all. I'm trying to make luck in my game the primary way to increase status effect chance on your abilities, but I'm not sure exactly what the formula "Math.max(1.0 + (user.luk - target.luk) * 0.001, 0.0)" is doing. I know that it means every 100 points of difference between your luck and...
  4. Narch

    RMMV TWOTCH: PrincessBeach68

    Introduction: Hi everyone. I recently made this game for a 10 days JAM where the theme was Princesses and Witches. I'm making an RPG type of game regulary, but this Jam was the occasion to test some things, and release a functionnal product. What you can play in this JAM game is supposed to be...
  5. S.Court

    How to make LUK effect in battle more relevant?

    Hi everybody. When I was working on my project I couldn't avoid to notice of all states, Luck is probable the most expendable parameter. You could just change the luck effect in script editor (I'm using VX Ace) and it'd have no effect at all in the game. Of course, that doesn't mean the stat...
  6. Questions about the combat mechanics

    How does Luck affect the probability of a status effect triggering? How does the game recognize a positive status effect or a negative one? How does Agility determine combat order? Is it in order of highest to lowest or is there a random number thrown in somewhere? Lastly, I receive no...
  7. Question regarding luck and effects.

    Hopefully I'm writing this in the right place... So I am currently looking to change the effect of luck in my game, as I am sure many people have done before. My game uses low number power creep, in that statistical values are pretty small, so having a single point in strength causes a...
  8. S.Court

    [VX Ace] Changing luk_effect_rate(user)

    Hello, I have a question, I'd like to change the luk_effect_rate(user) formula in Game_BattlerBase The idea is making each 2 points of target's luck decrease in 1% the chance of having the state applied. user's luck won't have any effect Talking with Saathan I THINK I arrived to the...
  9. Silverskin

    Ignoring Luk (Luck) on positive states!

    Hey everyone,  I have been messing around with the "Luck" (LuK) parameter, and apparently, having a high amount of luck also nullifies the probability of positive states, such as hp regen. Especially if you use custom evaluation codes, such as yanflys lunatic state effects, luck has not...
  10. Rink27

    What does this Crit formula do?

    Formula: rate = (user.cri + (user.luk/100)) * (1 - target.cev - (target.luk/100)); I'm using Yanfly's Critical Control script to edit the rate of crits. I've added (user/target.luk / 100) to the equation. In the scenario that the enemy has 100 luk and the right side of the equation becomes...
  11. ActualAwesome.MAKER

    How do you get a random chance event?

    So, I want to get a random chance event. I'm making an item called Mystery Box that you can obtain or buy from a Merchant. The problem is there's no RANDOM CHANCE stuff. There no pre-made plugins, and without that there is no Mystery boxes. So how? I mean something like, 1 in three...
  12. Making a skill with random effects

    Hi, I'd like to make a "Wheel of Fortune" kind of skill, but I have no idea how to make the script/common event or where to put it/how to call it. To be more specific, I want to know how to make a skill that can do at least one of these: A - cause damage based on a random element B -...
  13. gRaViJa

    How let Luck influence Critical Hit Rate

    I want the Luck stat to influence Critical Hit Rate. There are plugins by Yanfly that should help like Base Parameter Control and Critical Control. However, I haven't found how I can bring Luck state to influence Critical Hit Rate. Any knows how to do this? Thanks.
  14. Question if a few thinks can be do through events + other

    Hello I like to play around with events, the thing is I don't know if I can do some stuff using events, maybe I did not realize that option x exist or how I need to do it for it to work. I really on events because at least I do understand them unless scrips were I don't understand anything...
  15. Question if a few thinks can be do through events + other

    Hello, I want to do some stuff in my game and want to know if I can do them by using events without the use of scrips. If I can do them only through scrips please tell me and I will search on my own for it ( I'm using Yanfly's scrips). 1. Is and event that permanently change someones...
  16. Custom Hit/Avoid and Crit Formula

    I'm currently working on an entirely revamped system for the stats in my game, but I have exactly 0 programming experience with Javascript. Basically what I'm trying to do is create a system where every stat point is of equal value to any other stat point. So a point in attack is equally...
  17. Jandas

    "Default" Parameter Effects? (Agility, Luck, Others(?))

    Hey everyone, I remember in VX Ace's manual it laid out the "default" hard-coded effects of Agility and Luck in determining initiative and ailment chance - but I can't find that info in the MV manual. Am I just missing it? Is it the same as VX? Is there a way to check? I change the base...
  18. laaghisce

    [RMMV] What does the parameter, LUK affect?

    My question is: What does the parameter/stat, LUK do in this engine? I have searched through the help.html and the RMMV threads but could not find any information on this.
  19. MeowFace

    Double Gold/Exp based on Luk/Dex

    Made this script for a request here. Sharing it here in case any one else need this feature in their game. Features: [1] A chance of double exp/gold based on a sum up total of actor's luck/dex that stacks with the game default double gold/exp. [2] The more actors with the tags in the battle...
  20. S.Court

    [VX Ace]Changing luck effect when applying states

    Hello, I have a doubt, is there a way to remove the effect the luck state has when applying a state, exactly in which part of the script can I find this in the default scripts (assuming I can find it in those)? In case you're asking yourself why do I want to change that, well, I'm using Yanfly...

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