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  1. Demi_Fiend

    Luna Engine Error

    Hey, everyone. I'm running into an recurring error with Luna Engine. Whenever I remove an individual actor from the party during battle (either with Yanfly's party script or an escape command, I get this message: Battle Luna:369:in `index': undefined method `index' for nil:NilClass...
  2. Snarkyfork

    RMMV Request screenshots for Luna Engine + Yanfly UI setup

    I have no clue where the right place is to post something like this but I am about to start customizing my UI using Luna Engine MV and I use many of Yanfly's Core plugins for the menu so I am curious to see what is possible with these two plugins. If anyone would be nice enough to post some...
  3. TayAyase

    how to activate quest Journal with a click of a button?

    I have Luna engine atm but I want quest journal inside my game. I don't want it added to the regular menu I want it to be looked at in its own menu like Fallout's pipboy.
  4. EblyssR

    YEP_Item Core Equipped Item + Luna Engine

    Hello there! Sorry ahead of time, I'm not very good or knowledgable when it comes to coding and technical stuff, but I'm eager to learn! I also hope I posted this in the correct category, took a bit of a gamble but I think this is more a JS (and my idiocy lmao) issue than Luna engine So, I was...
  5. -Solace-

    Luna Engine MV Documentation Clarification

    "If you are using Yanfly's Battle Engine core, you must use a pre-existing template (eg. Sideview Template) SceneBattle.yml." I can't make sense of this. What do they mean by using a "pre-existing template"? What is a "pre-existing template"? Does that mean that I have to revert my edits on...
  6. zerobeat032

    Luna Engine MV Battler Hue issues...

    So I've been using Luna Engine ( which for the unaware does a lot to help customize the different Windows in rpg maker. but in battle I've had one consistent problem... to the point that because I've heard no one else mention it, I'm feeling like it's just...
  7. Lu_

    Luna Engine MV add new Scene

    I started working with Luna and still dont know how I can add a new scene to Luna when it is a scene added by a plugin. I am using a lot of Yanflys plugins like the Quest journal. The scene is called SceneQuest, got this from the console. If I create a SceneQuest.yml and edit the background etc...
  8. z0mb1ek1tten

    horizontal menu with Luna engine?

    so I've been toying around with Luna but I can't seem to get the main menu window commands to align horizontally. I would like to have the actors on the bottom horizontally and the selection menu on the top also horizontally, but for some reason when I turn vertical true to false on the window...
  9. Heckteclar

    Disabling Formations in Luna Engine RPG Maker VX Ace. Please Help!

    I've been trying to disable Formations in my Luna Engine RPG maker VX Ace game, and haven't had any luck. I've done a number of things, from using the in-game command To going into the script and removing the section that supposedly adds it Strangely enough the "Save Access: Disable" works...
  10. Chucksaints

    khas smooth sliding and luna engine

    hello makers, I recently found khas smooth sliding and managed to apply it's effect to all windows except actor selection window. I know that luna engine has it's own functions but how can I affect that window too? Sorry for my bad english Thanks Image attached
  11. OneManArmy

    Luna engine lite

    Hi, guys I just wonder if promised Luna engine is out. I have found some files in DLC section but honestly, it seems like nothing useful is there except the announcement that it is coming out at some point. I have tried to search some information online but it is almost nonexistent... I don't...
  12. Enigma_Productions

    [Luna Engine] :Item_rect Spacing vertically

    First and foremost, I am so sorry If I am doing something wrong when posting this. This is my first time ever posting on a forum. So as the thread title indicates I have a problem involving the Luna Engine, and hopefully it's not something that is embarrassingly easy to fix because if that's...
  13. AceOfAces_Mod

    TP and Buff display broken...

    After I set up Luna Engine's battle components, both the TP and Buff Display get broken. I have placed the scripts as shown in DoubleX's CATB demo, but it still doesn't fix it. Demo link:!AowFk9JrOHXgh_hKPnfIabe4gFes1g
  14. Daybreak

    Battle Luna(Luna Engine) - No Screen Flashes for enemy animations.

    For some reason, when using Battle Luna script from the Luna Engine, any sort of animation coming from an enemy has Screen Flashes omitted. I have tested and removed many scripts and identified Battle Luna as the problem. I've also tested this on a new project and this is replicable . It mostly...
  15. Rhaeami

    Fixing a Luna script crash with my custom battle system (RGSS3)

    EDIT: Stumbled on another solution. Since it's checking arrays, I compared @list.size against the value of @index for my IF. Works now, you may close the thread. :kaoswt: ________________________________________________________ As this deals with Luna scripts, I'm avoiding posting a demo...
  16. Tetsune

    Bit of a pickle with menu scripts.

    I'd like to start of saying I don't know a dang thing about Ruby script LOL So, up until now, I haven't had an issue because I modified 3 menu scripts (The Luna Engine Menu Scripts, Galv's Menu Themes, and Galv's Menu Layout) to fit together and keep all the elements of each... Except one issue...
  17. PixelatedFantasies

    Luna Engine HUD Question

    Hey guys, I've got another Luna Engine HUD related question. I'm working on my menus at the moment, and I cannot get the Items page's actor status stuff (name, bars, etc.) to match everything else. The biggest issue I have is with the HP and MP bars. The code from lines 648 to 1244 (from the...
  18. PixelatedFantasies

    The Dreaded Junk Symbol! (Already tried many fixes for this, too!)

    Before you ask, I have tried Lonewolf's custom Font Junk Symbol Fix, as well as Mithran's Text Cache Fix and Mezzolan's Arrow Fix and one other arrow fix script that I saw posted somewhere by Galv. (Lonewolf's script did fix this issue outside of battle, such as on item descriptions and the...
  19. Seriously I need Help ASAP

    Introduction My name is Thomas and one of my important 2016 resolutions is to create my dream 2D game. However, I stumbled upon various problems as I develop some personal preference on how the game should run. The major problem at the moment is the lack of knowledge in scripting and lack of...
  20. BoncuPleky

    YEA Compatible Target Help Window

    I have a question... Is there any possible way to readjust the help window when targeting an actor/enemy? I'm using Luna Engine and Yanfly Engine Ace, and currently, it looks like this: As you can see on the screenshot above, the name display is a bit off. I believe it's because the...

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