1. Chucksaints

    Actor_ItemMenuStatus & skills

    Hello Makers, I recently bought Luna Engine, I figured most of it but I stumbled on two things. I thought if I asked for help maybe. it was easier. 1. How to: Always show actor status window on scene item, descriptive image below. 2. How to show skill list on status scene. I really...
  2. Risputin

    Help with LUNA Engine - Battle Menus

    I purchased the LUNA Engine last night in an attempt to custom design my GUI. I have some script knowledge, however I'm not sure where to go to  change what I need to do. What I would like to do is take the HP/MP/TP bars and slide them to the bottom right corner of the screen. I would also...
  3. Cheah Hsun Teik

    can i use multiple engine plugin in a project?

    Can I use different engine plugin(yanfly,Luna,victor,etc) in one project? What sequence do I need to install the plugin in the plugin list or it can be installed anywhere in the plugin list?(only yanfly plugin teach you where to put each plugin in the list,the others don't)
  4. HuntingSwan

    HP Bars in Menu Decreasing from Bottom

    Hi guys, I'm using the vertical hp bar option in my game.  Here's a screenshot of what my menu looks like: http:// The problem occurs when my characters lose HP.  The bars start decreasing from the BOTTOM and not the top, so it ends up looking like this: http:// I tested this in a blank...
  5. Name

    Add quests to main menu

    How do I add the quest menu to the  main menu? i am using the scene maker.
  6. The Mighty Palm

    Luna Engine, Unable to find image: BLANK?!

    I know what the problem is. I'm missing a graphic. That's not my issue here. My issue is I have to trial and error which graphic I'm missing because of THIS Blank! It never shows what I'm missing. I'm using the Steam Version of Vx Ace I have allowed both Vx ace AND Steam through my...
  7. unity

    Equip Menu Issue With Luna Engine

    Hello! ^_^ I'm having some trouble with the Luna Engine setup in my game, specifically in the Equip screen, and I was wondering if there was something obvious that I am mising. Here are the problems:  1) The menu that tells you what items are available to equip doesn't quite work properly. ...
  8. Yanfly Item menu issue_luna

    Ok so im using the Yanfly-Item Menu (here) and I notice something. Technically the script works and but it won't display the different types of categories for each command (see img).I have the Luna engine installed,which is probably the issue. Im not sure where to look in order to correct this...
  9. Abbles_Of_Lorule

    Implementing Luna into an Existing Game

    I've been scouring the forums for a while now, but I haven't found anything clear and concrete on what to do in this situation. I've already started my game, and have put hours of work into it. I really want to use the Luna Engine for it, because the menus are really boring at this point. I...
  10. About Persona Like HUD in Luna engine

    First I'm new in this Forum and my first language is Indonesia,  So If I hurt your feeling with my bad english or break a rules by accident... I'm Sorry... Umm i want to ask about Luna Engine... This is my Screenshot from my project.. My Question : 1. How to make my Skill list only...
  11. AceTheMad

    Custom Busts React to Target Flashes on Animations

    So, I'm using Yanfly's cast animations with the Luna Engine. So, I made my custom normal attack animation a single white target flash. However, when I tested it, I found that the busts, despite my efforts, never flashed. I'm not sure, as I've never had RPG Maker XP, but I'm pretty sure that this...
  12. Theratris

    Luna Engine "Skill/Item-Status Window" Help.

    Hiya!, i've been making my game for quite a while now, and recently started building my menu's with Luna engine, so far so good, however i have run into a problem that i can't seem to figure out. I can't seem to change how the Character status are shown after you go into, ex. Skills>Heal Or...
  13. BCj

    RMVXA [IGMC 2015] Escalia

    In 1609 G.D., the continent of Escalon was cast into turmoil when high king Alexis the Third was betrayed by his most trusted advisor Caelmor. Eventually Caelmor's reign of terror was put to an end by Olivia Corin and her fellow heroes. The story of Escalia starts 21 years after Caelmor's...
  14. Erk

    Displaying a variable switch in Luna quest menu

    Hi, I have some knowledge about C# but ruby is completely new for me so I've run into a problem. *Look at the attached photo* I've found out how to adjust window sizes and so on, but what I would like to do is to display the text in the top left corner as shown on the attached photo. I've...
  15. _Shadow_

    [Luna Engine Question] :Change position of Exp window in Status display.

    My game is built upon "Etrian" Luna Engine premade project, the one with the fancy purple and lilac interface. Now I was wondering, can we change the position of the sub window that shows up the Current Exp and To Next lvl? It is in the Status window, after selecting actor. What I wanna...
  16. Kalin

    Newbie questions after buying Humble Bundle

    I just bought the Humble Game Making Bundle, and now I have a bunch of questions as I try to decide which parts to keep and which to gift to other people. 1. I know that having the full version of Ace gives me a license to use the RTP in my games. Do I have permission to use all the RTPs, or...
  17. StuffedTurkey007

    => Operator?

    I searched for => on 2 different sites but cannot find what it does.   http://www.tutorialspoint.com/ruby/ruby_operators.htm http://www.rpg-maker.fr/dl/monos/aide/vx/source/rgss/syntax04.html   It looks like a symbol used to indicate output resulting from code; for example: foo = 42defined? foo...
  18. Best order to create game components

    I had a lot of experience with RM2K3 like 10 years ago so I kind of know the basics, but all that scripting and customization stuff is new to me. I have a pretty solid idea in mind for a game, mainly the battle system, story, and enemy/item minutia. I know I want at least a custom menu and...
  19. Chester

    I Only want to have the Save and Menu Scripts.

    Hello, I will get straight to the point :) I only want the Scripts that are dealing with the Menu Screens and the Save Screens. I don't want the Battle Scripts because I want to use a different Battle Script and also everything else that is not dealing with the Menu and Save Screens. I do not...
  20. Miss Nile

    Window_MenuCommand Opacity and Positioning?

    Hi everyone, So I've been experimenting with Luna Engine for a while now and I was able to get a good portion of it. However, there's something I'm probably missing. ^^; What I want to do is this: You see the commands in the top of the window? I am hoping to replace the default commands with...

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