1. rechronicle

    Help to Modify the Eval Script Code

    Can anyone modify this to get the array index from start to finish, and then back to start again? (ex: 0, 1, 2, 0, 1, 2, 0, 1, etc) Original script: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/show-enemys-next-move.98896/ I already tried to write it out myself, but my intelligence is...
  2. rechronicle

    Questions about Writing Lunatic

    Are these 'keywords/variable' always available whenever I want to write Lunatic code? (can we call this global variable?) this, target, user, player, a, b, value, undefined, origin I tried to create Custom Apply Effect with this.gainHp(100) and it works. But where can I find the list of those...
  3. Parallax Panda

    Yanfly's Self Switches & Variables (Lunatic Script Calls)

    I'm using Yanfly's Self Switches & Variables plugin: http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Self_Switches_&_Variables_(YEP) And there is some script calls in the "lunatic section" of the help file that I'm trying to use but it doesn't seem to work for me. I'm trying to use the "Control Variable" event...
  4. Parallax Panda

    Yanfly's EventTimerControl question (Lunatic code)

    With Yanfly's "EventTimerControl" there's a parameter for "expire code" which runs when the timer reaches zero. What kind of JavaScript would I have to write in there to trigger Common Event 1?
  5. Vis_Mage

    [Ace] Help setting up a few skills with Yanfly's Lunatic Objects

    Hey! :kaohi: I'm hoping someone with a little bit of scripting knowledge could help me creating a few different skill effects with the help of Yanfly's Lunatic Objects script. I don't really know much of anything about scripting, but from what I can tell, I think all of these should be...
  6. Isabella Ava

    Lunatic code explain?

    Hi, i just start working with Lunatic Code. I take a look on this example but i am not sure what does it do and there are some lines i don't understand. Can you guys help me to explain those : D thanks <Custom Apply Effect> // Sets the counter on the state to 4. user.setStateCounter(stateId...
  7. Timespiraled_RPG

    Removing a Single State at Random (Lunatic Objects Package - Destruction)

    I'm looking to add a way of removing only a single state at a time instead of the regular Dispel/Esuna type skills removing absolutely everything at once. I'm using Yanfly's Lunatic scripts to use their base implemented functions but as I'm not a scripter myself, I'm having trouble wrapping my...
  8. InBlast

    Yanfly Lunatic's damage display problem

    Hey !  I have a trouble with making a pretty simple poison effect. In my game, I have an assassin who is able to equip poison. The equipped poison grant a passive state to the assassin, and this passive state do something in battle. My problem is with one of these poison. The goal is to...
  9. fusegu

    More Yanfly Row Formation JS help

    Messing around with the Yanfly Row Formation and I'm trying to see if I'm missing something or if there is some custom code I'm missing OR SOMETHING. I'm trying to simulate ranges.  I put number of rows to be 5. SO <-(-5)--(-4)--(-3)--(-2)--(-1)--(1)--(2)--(3)--(4)--(5)--> I want...
  10. fusegu

    More Yanfly Row Formation JS help

    Messing around with the Yanfly Row Formation and I'm trying to see if I'm missing something or if there is some custom code I'm missing OR SOMETHING. I'm trying to simulate ranges.  I put number of rows to be 5. SO <-(-5)--(-4)--(-3)--(-2)--(-1)--(1)--(2)--(3)--(4)--(5)--> I want...
  11. CombatJazz

    Yanfly Lunatic Scripting - Shin Megami Tensei-styled Instant Death?

    Hello! I'm trying to get Shin Megami Tensei styled instant death abilities to work, and I'm having a bit of a doozy of a time since my scripting knowledge is lackluster, so any help would be appreciated. By Shin Megami Tensei styled I mean that the instant death is elemental in nature - you...
  12. Gilles

    GDT Core Utility - Lunatic Tags Parser, Better Notetag Parser

    GDT: Core v1.0   Introduction This plugin provides some useful Tag Parsing Features and a useful command for selfswitches. This plugin will be extended with Utility Features. Notetags Parser (built in. Nothing to do) The standard parser allows only one tag of the same kind in one...
  13. LightningLord2

    Psychic Polymorph - copy an actor's base stats

    In my RPG, I thought up a rather unique signature skill for Theta, the psychic user - by default, her stats are as low as can be, but in battle, this unique skill - Psychic Polymorph - allows her to copy the base stats (that is, without equipment) of the party leader (or the second party member...
  14. Omegadragon8

    Yanfly Actor Transformations Lunatic Coding Help

    Hello :)  I am posting this question on Lionheart_84's behalf. Recently Yanfly released an awesome new tips and tricks video about using states to Transform Actor's into upgraded forms (ala Super Saiyan). In Yanfly's lunatic coding, it alters the actors battler and portrait to represent the...
  15. solaris1111

    Yanfly Lunatic Mode need help

    Hi! I need help with Yanfly's Lunatic Mode. I really don't know where to start. With his Skill Learn System, i need to make disappear a skill that is learned, cause in normal, the learned skill stay there with the mention (learned) aside of it. I really really want those learned skills to...
  16. takuantoono

    how to write (Yanfly Lunatic skill Learn System "Learn Cost Eval")?

    Hello, Please teach me how to write "Learn Cost Eval" with "Yanfly's Lunatic skill Learn System" in note tag ". thank you. for example, I want to write something like below; <Learn Cost Eval> if(this._actor.isClass($dataClasses[4])) return this.skill.jpCost /= 2 </Learn Cost...
  17. LightningLord2

    Two Yanfly Plugin Requests

    Copypasted from the support forums; These effects use the Counter Control and the Skill Core Plugin, respectively. 1. I want to make a skill that has an active effect of refilling MP and also passively provides the ability to counterattack against burned enemies. While the counter ability...
  18. Rinobi

    Lunatic States - Isolated States?

    Lunatic States by Yanfly I just want states to accept any values they're given just once until they're removed. So if I were to use a variable to set a value that the state uses, the effects of said state wouldn't be affected if the value of said variable changed later.
  19. Rinobi

    Lunatic States Elemental Slip damage

    Lunatic States I've already tried Custom Slip Effect by Victor Saint and Slip Damage EX by AdiktuzMiko I couldn't get elemental damage to work in Slip Damage EX, and Custom Slip Effect recalculates the your formula per turn, which is a no go. What I'm trying to do is have slip damage states...
  20. S.Court

    [VX Ace] Help with Yanfly's Lunatic targets

    Hello, I have a question, I want to make a couple of passive states called "Divergence" and "Covergence" Divergence will become magic hits one enemy/ally to hit all enemies/allies and Convergence will become multi hit attacks in single hit attacks, looking for a solution, I found Yanfly Lunatic...

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