1. jjbones123

    Trouble importing custom sound effects. Can anyone please help me?

    I'm making a new project in RPG maker MV and was surprised to find out that MV doesn't support Mp3 files when the previous version of RPG maker (VX Ace) did. I've tried deleting the Mp3 file and importing it again but that didn't work. I even tried converting the Mp3 file to a .Ogg or M4A, but...
  2. Shin Kitsune

    Import and convert audio to M4A and OGG

    -Description of the feature- A feature to import any audio file, and convert it into the two main formats RPG Maker MV uses. It could make use of one or two check boxes in the Open file window, allowing the user to choose which format to import audio files into. Leaving everything unchecked...
  3. Nerdboy

    anyone know a free good wav to m4a converter?

    hi, i really need to convert to m4a with bitrate etc that android understands, i cant get mobile bgm audio to work for some reason. i dont got plugins interfering either. and the sound efx work and i converted using same method as bgm? i need a free wav to m4a converter that works for mobile -...
  4. M4a problem with XDK (still not solved)

    Hi Recently I completed my RPGmaker MV game and decided to port it to android via Intel XDK. However after putting the  www folder into the xdk project and simulating the game I got a error that said unable to load heartofcorage.m4a. This is strange because the file specified in the error...
  5. spiriter

    Can't convert to Android, pls help me.

    Hi guys, sry for my bad english. I bought rpg maker mv some days ago. It's on V1.3.1. I want to convert the game (or at least a Testgame) to APK fpr Android. It doesn't work for me at all. What i've tried: Converting with XDK - with encodet RPGMakerMV-Resources: on XDK-Simulator...
  6. KayZaman

    Middle-East / Arabian Music

    Hi, everyone. I have an upcoming project but that will later coz I'm doing my current project (secret). I'm interested with TALES OF THE FAR EAST soundtrack by JDB for my next project (non-commercial) sooner or later but I'm not ready yet, so here, just need some help for later. If...
  7. GoodSelf

    Having Trouble converting MIDI to OGG/M4A

    Hey all - back in the day, I use to compose music for RPG Maker VX. Now that I have MV, I wanted to get back into making custom music for my games. However, while the old programs used MIDI files, MV uses OGG/M4A, and I have run into trouble converting my files. When I listen to the...
  8. luckyducky777

    RMMV Free Mp3 Converter turn em into m4a or ogg easy

    Ever had trouble converting mp3's you find or like into m4a or ogg that RPG Maker MV uses. Well no more tears! Here's a solution http://online-audio-converter.com/ You can thank me later =-) Happy hacking!
  9. Flare Gear

    Themes for RPG vol. 1

    Hello guys, I'm happy to announce the release of the first collection of Theme tracks for RPG Maker Games. Themes for RPG vol. 1 are entirely composed and produced by me out of need (and love) for RPG Making. The tracks inside are already in use in my games ("Eledyan: Tower of Enigmas" and...
  10. Zephro

    Which audio file type(s) should I use?

    As you probably know, RPG Maker MV comes with included audio of 2 types: OGG and M4A. A copy of each type for each audio file. Naturally I want to make my project size the smallest possible, and 2 of every audio file seems unnecessary. I want my project to be played on both PC and any device...
  11. Audio m4a files not showing

    I want to add some costume audio files (.m4a format)  for my project but unfortunely they don't show up in the play SE menu or the BGM, The files are in the correct format and the I added them in the right folder but they still won't show up. I attached a print screen of my window to show what...
  12. Shabraxxx

    Shabz' somewhat subtle sounds

    Hello dear reader! Welcome to this thread, in which I, Shabz, share with you my free, self made music collection as well as my fine knowledge of the english language. In case you are familiar with the german language, however, I strongly recommend you to read my original post – it's way...

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