1. LUKElcs

    RMMV How do I make my games save system work on Mac?

    EDIT : I wanted to say that I have since been informed that the save system not working is because the game is not an authorized app on Mac, and therefor cannot edit or create files. If anyone knows of something I could do on my end, or something the person who downloads the game could do on...
  2. KiraNet

    Is it possible to Export with a Windows PC to Mac?

    I have version 1.5.1 and I wanted to ask if I just can export my game to mac and this would work then on mac... I dont have mac just windows... But I heard you need a mac to export to mac... is this true? So isnt it possible to export with windows to mac?
  3. Clarification before purchasing GCH-PE

    Two part question, so unsure if this is the correct place to post. I couldn't find an answer in a few related older posts. (1) Does anyone have any experience running Game Character Hub Portfolio Edition on OS X or know of positive confirmation that it does? (2) Is any loyalty discount...
  4. JoelMarler

    Missing files during mac deployment

    My game (mainly) works when I test it on my own mac, but when I deployed it for mac and airdropped it to a friend's mac the Saint4 SE couldn't be found and the wuxing mini game (which uses its own files) couldn't be played. I checked the project files and they all seem to be there. Any ideas...
  5. Poupouille

    Unable to save the game on Mac

    Hello, I released a game a few days ago, and some players on Mac tell me they can't save. They can go to the menu, but they have the bad buzzer sound. The strange thing is that I made the game on Mac and I don't have a problem in my project, and with an export too Do you know why it happens?
  6. ddblue

    When deploying to iOS, get "Error: Error Argument error."

    Hello, I have recently tried to deploy my game to iOS. Up until now, I have had success deploying to PC and to Mac. I followed the instructions provided in the deploying to iOS section of the RPG Maker MV manual, but when I get to the simulator step I get the following error: Error Error...
  7. JtheDuelist

    Exporting RPG for Mac from a Windows Computer?

    I was wondering, I know I have to use Enigma Virtual Box to pack my game as a standalone .exe, but what about exporting for a Mac? Do I need to do anything special for it like the Windows version, or do I just leave the export as is when uploading? I am wanting my game to be available on itch...
  8. Albaharu

    Export game to Mac

    Hello! I'm trying to send the game to a friend who uses Mac, and I saw that some people offered this: https://github.com/Ancurio/mkxp as a solution but I have no idea of how to prepare it to make the game work, any of you knows how? Or has a step by step or a screenshot of how should it look...
  9. Nightblade50

    Running RM games on Mac OS

    Not a hundred percent certain if this is the right place, but here goes. So, I am making a game with RPG Maker. My friend really wants to play, but he has a MacBook. I tried running the game on it, but an error message appeared saying that Windows programs can't be run on Mac OS. Is there some...
  10. metaparadox

    Playtest Crashes Before it Starts

    Hi. I just bought RPG Maker MV on Steam and I've been playing around with it and doing very basic stuff. So far I have one map in my test game and a few events, and I changed the character designs and added a few items. No scripts/plugins or anything really original yet. For a while playtesting...
  11. Tuomo L

    How to deployMV's Mac version to Steam?

    Seriously, this is driving me bonkers. Either it crashes or I get only this. I've been spending so long trying to search for tutorials or guidies but find no answers anywhere and no instructions. Am I really the first person to try and use deployed Mac version on Steam? What sort of...
  12. Indsh

    Mac steam use

    Can someone please confirm that this is working, if this post is appropriate I'm sorry and please delete
  13. Yitzi Litt

    Exporting for Windows on a Mac

    So I exported my game for Windows, using a Macbook Pro, and I ended up with this:What do I do to get it exportable to, say, Itch.io?
  14. Yitzi Litt

    RPG family for mac

    Hi! So I'm an avid user of RPG Maker MV, and I am also an Apple owner. I love using RPGMMV, but it's the only product you have that runs on mac (that I've seen). Are there any plans to release any other software for mac (VN Maker, for example)?
  15. Tuomo L

    Deployed Mac version crashing

    I receive reports that Mac version is crashing with 0x02000148 error.
  16. Velare92

    Deployment to webbrowsers and mac fails

    Hello there, since a few days, after starting to deploy my games to Mac and Webbrowsers, I'm encounting some problems. First of all, the Mac Version: If I'm trying to deploy the Mac version and send it to someone to test it, I always fails to start the game. "The application "Game" can't be...
  17. RPG Maker MV - Character Generator Folder on Mac

    Good Evening, I am looking for the character generator folder on my mac and can't seem to find it. When I go to my character generator I only see one of each graphic for the child generator (one hairstyle one clothing etc.) I'm trying to add the new child generator designs that I found in my...
  18. KillerGin

    MV Mac Deployed game save issue... NOT SAVING!

    Hey guys, I am not sure if it's due to the newest MV update (I have the STEAM version) or the fact that I am using MAC Sierra (newest OS) BUT!!! Deployed MV for the games for the MAC no longer save! You have to download the game from any outside source so that the computer thinks that your...
  19. Indsh

    Won't open [Mac]

    Was working yesterday, but not today. Anybody else having the same issue? 
  20. mogwai

    RPG Maker MV Crash Startup (Steam)

    I'm having this problem with the Steam Mac version. It's kind of an annoyance for me, but whenever I launch using the desktop shortcuts or open the app directly in the Steam apps folder it just opens for a second and shuts itself down / closes itself. The only workaround I found is...

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