mack sprite

  1. RedRose190

    Diversity XP Mack Template Pack For XP - 12 Recolours!

    - Diversity XP Mack Pack Edits - We need some diversity on RPG MAKER too! :biggrin: They are not much.. But i really wanted to make them and share them! I hope you like them! They are NOT loose Leaf templates. They are XP templates made for RPG Maker XP You can check out the same sprites for...
  2. Juanita Star

    Templates For Wings (I just dont know how to use then)

    I’m trying to use both of this templates (angel wings, butterfly wings) with the mack templates down below. Problem is, I'm terrible with Photoshop or spritting in general. Instead of the smooth transition of a walking or flying sprite, I get a sprite with a personalized earthquake. Not a...
  3. lemongreen

    Help with a sprite edit

    Hey, I would like some help with a sprite edit. I started it at least: I'd like for it to match this face (it doesn't have to be perfect): As said, don't worry about making it perfect, I'm just going to be using it for a few cutscenes. (to be honest, I might just recolor the rest of the...
  4. Hahn Deathspark

    Nun Mack Sprite by Deathspark

    *Browses the forums* Really, wow... No nun mack sprites except if it's on RPG Maker VX only...? OH COME ON! (If there is, I must have been ignorant, but hey! I'm just posting my style of a nun, right? Whatever...) DOWNLOAD: Here, to those who are using RPG MAKER VX ACE ONLY! (I've used...
  5. Alkorri

    Any GIMP gods here?

    (Apologies if this isn't the right place to post) Hi there! Can anyone help? I was trying to make some Mack sprites for Ace and being a total GIMP noob, I think I messed up. I don't feel like asking someone to make sprites for me as I really want to learn myself. I tried looking up various...
  6. Hahn Deathspark

    Deathspark's Materials! (Sprites and Music)


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