1. Bourgeoise

    Now that Mack Style Sprite generator is down, are there any other generators available?

    Decided to come back to mapping/creating as a hobby after a few years. More or less as the title states, now that the official? http://www.geocities.jp/kurororo4/looseleaf/ Mack Style Sprite generator is no longer available, is anyone aware of any alternate generators? I still prefer working...
  2. Roseredpinball

    Looking for Dog Faces?

    Hello all, I'm looking for dog faces and facesets for a particular game I'm working on! If anybody knows where I can find some and/or feels like making them I'd be super grateful and I'll definitely credit whoever created them! I looked at GrandmaDeb's resource list and it's helped a lot but I'm...
  3. Roseredpinball

    A Noob's Questions About FSM?

    Hello all, I apologize if this question has been asked before but, what, exactly, IS First Seed Material (FSM)? I've been an RPG Maker VX Ace user for awhile but I guess I must've missed the FSM train because by the time I learned of First Seed Material the website and all its stuff were already...
  4. Wrongful

    Tall/Mack Actors

    I spent all of last night trying to figure this out, but to no avail. I've figured out how to make Mack-sized NPCs successfully, but the same sprites I use for NPCs don't work for actors. How would I make a Mack-sized actor?
  5. Luiishu535

    REFMAP/MACK-inspired Wall Tiles

    Intro Yo! Here are some wall tiles I recently made that are inspired by REFMAP/MACK and RM2k3's RTP. They're simply 16-bit tiles that have been scaled up to fit a 32x32 grid. I had RPG Maker VX/Ace's grid-size in mind when I created these. Terms of Use You may only use these tiles for your...
  6. whitespirits

    Mack Child Base Sprite

    Hi guys, I have the male and female base sprite for Mack but I'm missing the child either walking or running Here are the male/female I have https://rajawalivx.wordpress.com/2011/06/05/mack-sprite-template/
  7. kawouane

    Old Mack Battlers

    Do anyone have some of the old side-view battlers Mack did for RM XP a few years ago ? All sites or images links I found about it seem to be dead now (except one or two poorly edited). Thank you for your time ...
  8. Agustin

    Mack Sprite Templates (More to come)

    Unfortunately, I only have side running right, now, but it still works. :D This is it: (I'm kinda new to sprites, but it looks good???? :P ) Walking Running: To-Do List: REQUEST MOARRRR... Note that these are Mack sprites, not the default chibi sprites. Also, feel free to use it in any...
  9. Mack's sprite base is it non rtp and available for commercial?

    Hi ~ This is my first post here....I have been looking for this answer for months. Googling everywhere and still can't find an definite answer. So my question is... is this Mack's sprite base is non rtp and available for commercial for other engine other than RPG Maker? I mean ONLY the BASE...
  10. KanaX

    Victorian Parallax TIles

    I made a bed the other day and I just rolled with it. This is the first sheet of a few that I plan to make, whose general theme is "Victorian Era". They are all drawn for Mack-sized characters, as I find the VX/VXAce 32x32 characters yucky . I'll not even touch the idea of external graphics...
  11. Mack's tilesets and stuff for different engines

    Hi there! I am new in this community and I would like to make you a question.  I hope this is the right place to ask. I found out on your forum that Mack's tilesets are free for commercial use, of course giving the right credits to the creator. The original tekepon site is for sale now and I...
  12. lemongreen

    Downed/sick sprite

    I've been trying to do this myself but it's just slightly above my pixel art skills at the moment... I'm working with this sprite at the moment: (originally from here) I'd prefer for the sprite to look like he's crawling (this is what I'm having problems with) He should be facing to the...
  13. 100LittleDreams

    Looking for MACK style actor sprites.

    I'm looking for MACK style sprites of VX Ace actors 3 (4-6), actor 4 (1-8) and actor 5 (1-8). I have the other actors but not these. I tried using the character generator for MACK sprites but I couldn't make an exact look a like of most of the actors. The sprite position was also off. If...
  14. Wirtle

    How do you use a mack sprite in vx ace?

    Hi there. I created a sprite using http://www.geocities.jp/kurororo4/looseleaf/ but when I go ahead and use him in VX Ace it looks a little something like this:  Also when he moves, he moves quite slowly and does not feel free flowing at all. Is there any way to change this?
  15. Mack/8Dir Sprites

    Fell in love with the mack size and style and the multi-pose action of 8dir/kaduki. But alas there is no resources for this, I had to make my own. I'm not an artist, just frankensprited these together. Only have done 3 so far, will post them as I make them. Credit to RelayPoint for the...
  16. Cecilia Crescent

    Maleficent Sprites

    Hi, guys! I'm making a game centered around Maleficent (The 1959 one, not the Jolie remake :P ) and I thought I'd post the sprite sheet I made of her. It's sort of my first time sprite editing so please be nice :D . It's based off the Mack Style although she's a little bit taller to fit her...
  17. Korimax

    RTP in Mack Style

    Basically to summarize as simply as possible, I am looking for any Commercially usable RTP Sprite resources that would be located in RPG Maker VX Ace in the Mack Style, not to be mistaken with his XP style, specifically the VX/Ace Style he made. I am Also Looking for Alex the RTP Hero from RPG...
  18. icerose05

    Mad Hatter Spite?

    EDIT: Nevermind someone helped me out. This post can be deleted. I need a Mad Hatter sprite in MACK/Loose leaf sprite, and I'd like him to look more like Tim Burton's version. Would someone be so kind as to make one for me please?
  19. Stormrider

    Mack Sprite Generator: Commercial Use?

    All the places where I've looked for taller sprites for characters lead back to http://www.geocities.jp/kurororo4/looseleaf/.  That's all well and good, as Chrome translates for me, but I can't seem to find anything that talks about commercial use with these sprites.  I mean, can a commercial...
  20. Compatibility between MACK character and Kaduki

    So I have a conundrum. I don't like chibi style characters. So I've been using MACK characters everywhere. Recently I've found Kaduki's battlers to be very good. It has more variety than Holder's and it's animated. but it seems like if I want to use Kaduki's battlers I HAVE to use it on the...

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