1. Dungeonmind

    Still no update for MV?

    Personally, I find it very concerning we don't have an update for MV yet It's been close to 5 months I think I would have to go back to really old emails to get exact dates... I mean is this how it's going to be? Once you have a new game engine the rest don't matter? I have contacted rm support...
  2. frokas

    Porting to MAC OS X and safeguarding my assets?

    Hello guys, I wanted to ask if there is a similar program like Enigma Virtual box to safeguard my assets the same way it does on Windows by converting it all in one .exe file. Many thanks for the replies.
  3. Volty

    Need music

    So i was wondering if there was any way i could make music or get music. Any answer would be helpful! :)

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