1. Dwesper

    The origin of mana: Probably..

    The mana is a concept that fascinate me since I started playing games and so on. But what is very questionable is What is the origin of mana? •My theories are simple, first. It might come from the soul, so if your soul is strong. Your mana is strong. •Second possibility. It might come from...
  2. Dwesper

    RMMV The Abyss Eater

    "Magic is dying." "The world seem to destroy itself." "Craters form everywhere.." "Something is wrong." "And you and the others feel like there should be a way to stop it." "But how?" "It is up to you to find out." ----------------------------------------- There is the starting point of...
  3. FG7

    FG7 - Simple Magic System

    Simple Magic System By: FamilyGamer7 Introduction Features Screenshots Demo Script How to Use Terms of Use
  4. Hadria

    How does magic/fantasy elements shapes the world?

    So has the tittle says: I've been wondering. I'm in the design phase of my game, and I've been thinking on the world background and theme and decided to ask for opinions on this matter. We mostly see fantasy worlds in games that are basically your typical feudal world without much change except...
  5. Franz_Pantalon

    RMMV Casting time

    Hello everyone, I am quite new to the RPG maker scene, so please excuse my question if it is trivial. I have been intensively looking for a mean to introduce casting times in a game. This should push characters intending to use powerful skills to be vulnerable for a certain duration requested...
  6. Andrew-Burcastro

    RMMZ Pek's Adventure

    Summary Screenshots Features Playtime Download Thanks for checking out my first game. Let me know what you think!
  7. AoDLegacy

    RMMZ Tears of Morganna

    Tears of Morganna is a Active Time Progress style RPG focusing on elemental magic and strategy in fights. In the full version, the game will have nine playable characters, each with their own skillsets and powers they bring to the table. The Demo is currently 1-2 hours long depending on how...
  8. Kitty_Rika

    RMMV Labyrinthians - an adventure RPG based on exploration and story

  9. AAAslan

    RMMZ FEEDBACK - Aki Aslan's PARIAH - A Demo

    Hey, everyone. I'm new to the RPG Maker game, as it were. I'm a screenwriter by training. Created this demo for a script I'm developing, which is an approach I've yet to nail down but is incredibly exciting! Would love to hear/read your thoughts about this quick demo. Please note that this...
  10. ProSuperSchool


    Hi, how are you doing, fellas? I am hereby returning to game design passion which I slouchily dabbled and stalled with since the release of VX Ace. Faintly remembering the strong energy amongst warpers back then on RRR and VX(dot)net. But to my most online gratitude, the RPG Maker communities...
  11. ovate

    Auto Battle & Very Fast Battle | Special Exhaust Skill

    Auto Battle & Very Fast Battle - Jun 8, 2016 Creator name: Sasuke KANNAZUKI Overview - AutoBattlePlus.js : add auto battle command and so on. - VeryFastBattle.js : battle exceeds very fast when specified key(s) down. For more information, read plugin help. Video preview Thanks to...
  12. thecursedcometh

    Patch For Frog's Blue Magic Plugin

    I'm using Frog's Blue magic plugin, as it's the only one that has the features I'm looking for. It allows you to learn skills by witnessing the enemy use it =(Mage doesn't have to be the target), and it displays a text box when the mage learns something. However, it has two issues that I can't...
  13. Zliryu

    RMMV Ervenfell - Crimson Plague (No Travel Game Jam)

    Video: Hi. I'm Dejan P. Blažević, but most people just call me by my nickname, Ryu. This game contains some content from my fantasy book (Ervenfell - The Alteration). Figured I'll give MV a shot (loved 2k and still love vxace), so I made this short and rather fast game in 12 days (124 hrs says...
  14. Willibab

    Simple Pixel Spell Effects (Free)

    Some spell effects i made for my pixel game and figured i'd share. Made with BlastFX. They are not the most impressive effects as i got the program yesterday but hopefully ill get better. LINK: https://willibab.itch.io/simple-pixel-spell-effects
  15. JardsonJean

    Simple Wand Iconsets

    I've been working on a few different variations of wands based of a very simplistic design I put together. They're available in a sprite sheet in 3 sizes (48x48, 32x32, 24x24) so you can download the one that fits your needs. I'll be updating this post as I make more of them and I hope a lot of...
  16. ovate

    [CodeManu] Pixel Effects Pack Animations reformat (Public Domain)

    I reformatted CodeManu Free Pixel Effects Pack animations from opengameart into XP/ VX Ace/ MV animation sheet. 20 pixel-art effects, may be effective for status effects or attack/ spells. Animations style reminds me a bit of GBA Golden Sun License- Public Domain Credit...
  17. ovate

    [daneeklu] LPC Magic Animations (reformat)

    I reformatted Extended LPC Magic pack into XP/ VX Ace/ MV animation sheet. Nearest-neighbour scaling was used to maintain crisp pixelated look. Download includes 14 images (png) | Dimensions: 960x768- firelion_down, firelion_left, firelion_right, firelion_up, iceshield, icetacle, lightningclaw...
  18. Gabenslair

    Looking for a certain plugin involving MP magic

    There was a certain plugin which made MP more "exclusive" to certain spells, like ice spells having their own sub MP costs and fire having their own, and vice versa, but i couldn't find it.
  19. Zaabos

    RMMV Moons of True Magic- LAST UPDATE!! Update Fv1.0 NEW ENCOUNTER SYSTEM (NO MORE RANDOM ENCOUNTERS) (09/5/2022)-

    https://filthy-peasants.itch.io/moons-of-true-magic . Bree Teotl Kieran [/SPOILER] On the Forbidden Impulse. Building the Bonds of Battle [/SPOILER] Well met, Traveler, please step closer. Tell me, Traveler, did you just stumble through the window or are you looking...
  20. RMMV [Early-Concept Stage] Revolution Chronicles

    THIS IS THE EARLIEST CONCEPT OF A GAME THAT YOU'LL EVER SEE (Directly from my head to this post, no filters, sorry about my English, it's not my mother language) Story/Plot: The Kingdom is taken by a Rebel Leader who kills the former King, his family and supporters (including the family of...

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