1. Zliryu

    RMMV Ervenfell - Crimson Plague (No Travel Game Jam)

    Hi. I'm Dejan P. Blažević, but most people just call me by my nickname, Ryu. This game contains some content from my fantasy book (Ervenfell - The Alteration). Figured I'll give MV a shot (loved 2k and still love vxace), so I made this short and rather fast game in 12 days (124 hrs says steam)...
  2. Willibab

    Simple Pixel Spell Effects (Free)

    Some spell effects i made for my pixel game and figured i'd share. Made with BlastFX. They are not the most impressive effects as i got the program yesterday but hopefully ill get better. LINK:
  3. JardsonJean

    Simple Wand Iconsets

    I've been working on a few different variations of wands based of a very simplistic design I put together. They're available in a sprite sheet in 3 sizes (48x48, 32x32, 24x24) so you can download the one that fits your needs. I'll be updating this post as I make more of them and I hope a lot of...
  4. tale

    [CodeManu] Pixel Effects Pack Animations reformat (Public Domain)

    I reformatted CodeManu Free Pixel Effects Pack animations from opengameart into XP/ VX Ace/ MV animation sheet. 20 pixel-art effects, may be effective for status effects or attack/ spells. Animations style reminds me a bit of GBA Golden Sun License- Public Domain Credit...
  5. tale

    [daneeklu] LPC Magic Animations (reformat)

    I reformatted Extended LPC Magic pack into XP/ VX Ace/ MV animation sheet. Nearest-neighbour scaling was used to maintain crisp pixelated look. Download includes 14 images (png) | Dimensions: 960x768- firelion_down, firelion_left, firelion_right, firelion_up, iceshield, icetacle, lightningclaw...
  6. Gabenslair

    Looking for a certain plugin involving MP magic

    There was a certain plugin which made MP more "exclusive" to certain spells, like ice spells having their own sub MP costs and fire having their own, and vice versa, but i couldn't find it.
  7. Zaabos

    RMMV MOTM - Moons of True Magic NEW UPDATE!! - (04/23/2020 - NEW CHARACTER!! - KIERAN!)

    . Bree Teotl Kieran [/SPOILER] On the Forbidden Impulse. Building the Bonds of Battle [/SPOILER] Well met, Traveler, please step closer. Tell me, Traveler, did you just stumble through the window or are you looking for something specific? Is it Adventure? Emotion? Maybe some...
  8. RMMV [Early-Concept Stage] Revolution Chronicles

    THIS IS THE EARLIEST CONCEPT OF A GAME THAT YOU'LL EVER SEE (Directly from my head to this post, no filters, sorry about my English, it's not my mother language) Story/Plot: The Kingdom is taken by a Rebel Leader who kills the former King, his family and supporters (including the family of...
  9. NovelBallon79

    RMMV Pokémon/YokaiWatch Inspired Ideas

    I've had two ideas bouncing around in my head, and I feel like talking about tem will help me prioritize which one to work on first/at all based on general interest .(Both of these names are placeholders and don't actually fit their concepts. Also if I posted this in the wrong thread, sorry!) If...
  10. GethN7

    How to make skills/magic that nullify element resistance in battle

    I'm trying to work out how to use skills/magic to nullify any resistances an actor or enemy may have for a certain number of turns, allowing them to be damaged by an element they would otherwise suffer no damage from. For instance, an enemy is immune to Fire, but I want to be able to use a...
  11. Fireworker

    Galv Magic Shard - Restricted/Unique Shard Request

    I have been working with Galv's Magic Shards for a while now, and it's been a blast. However, I'm looking for a way to add a notetag/trait to the Weapons/Armors I use for Shards to make it so you can only have one of that particular trait. For example, if you equipped a Shard with Trait A you...
  12. Using weapon when casting skill or spell

    Hi everyone, first, I do have these 3 Yanfly plugins: CoreEngine, BattleEngineCore, X_AnimatedSVBattler. Some skills that I created requires a specific weapon to do. Therefore, I would like my sprite to use this weapon when casting said skill, or magic for that matter. I thought that putting the...
  13. Prince Strall

    RM2k/3 Chromagia [Demo]

    - Foreword - Chromagia was made with RPG Maker 2003, so do not expect any script or particular complex mechanics. It is just a straighforward old-school-ish RPG made by someone who merely want to tell a story rather then revolutionize the genre. Also I think it is important to mention that...
  14. Pluslerin

    RMVXA Traces of Wind

    "The kingdom of Archartna a long and only extension of land that rises over the vast ocean. A place where monsters, magic and trades fill the day to day agenda. A seemingly normal place where a legend is about to begin." Well the current plot is about the adventure of a princess and a royal...
  15. Modern, Rural Tile set

    I'm planning a game with magical themes, but I want it to be set in a more modern era. I don't want si-fi, so nothing spacey. I would prefer it to be more rural with a more homely feel. Close neighborhoods and small parks and such. The walls and floors are simple enough with what I already have...
  16. Mooshry

    XP Blue Magic error

    Well... the previous error was fixed, (The Blue Magic one) but now, a random character takes 0-5 damage at the end of every turn, when they're not poisoned or sapped. It has no effect on gameplay, but looks plain weird. I need this fixed.
  17. Prellmarc

    How to move object via skill?

    Hi, everyone. I started a prequel to GBA Golden Sun, maybe someone remembers how great that series was. Unfortunately, I absolutely cannot write a good script for the series Field magic. There is the ability Move, which moves an object like a boulder one square in any direction, when the...
  18. MV Magic Circle Characters

    Hey there! I haven’t been able to find any small (or large) character sheets that have things such as magic circles? I know VX and Ace come with pentagrams (I’m looking to avoid those), but was wondering if anybody could quick make or find a simple magic circle/encantion circle that I could...
  19. rpgmaker20221

    RMVXA HP4 Goblet of Fire

    HP4 Goblet of Fire A snowy screenshot of the west Castle Courtyard. Update Log: V1.0.1 2017-12-29 (Download link contains updated version) Improvements/Modifications Spell cost balancing, high-tier spell now cost less MP Enemies in the Castle Hallways will...
  20. Zireks

    Looking for specific functions

    So I've started making a plugin-in for MV called the MathClashSystem. What I want it to do is this: When a player selects the Magic tab in the battle menu (Titled Mathamancy instead of Magic) instead of displaying spells it displays a randomly selected question from a predetermined list based...

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