magical girls

  1. Kentaro_

    RMMV Mahou Shoujo: Between the World

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Genre: Horror*, Yuri , RPG , Sc Fi Introduction: Note: English is not my Native Language, sorry for some spelling issues. I would like to present my project for the J-Horror Jam I'm currently working on the project. "Mahou Shoujo: Between...
  2. Marrend


    Game Synopsis: Uchioniko is an attempt in the "magical girl" genre. It's as much about dealing with that first crush as much as it is crushing face. The, uh, face of evildoers, of course! Combat is of importance to the game, but, don't expect to see anything exciting happening with it. Like...
  3. legacyblade

    Sin Unsullied (FULL GAME RELEASED!)

    Five days until the world ends. Dreams may be a result of sentience, but where does sentience come from? There is another world that doesn't exist in the traditional sense of the word. Before this world drew close to humans, they were little more than tool-grasping apes. But with the gift of...
  4. pooknero

    Pretty Nurse Penicillin - Demo Available

    PRETTY NURSE PENICILLIN *Pretty Nurse Penicillin is a comedic game and includes occasional foul language and adult themes/jokes. It's intended for mature players.* Welcome! This is my first ever RPG Maker project and I've been working hard since my purchase of VX Ace. Story Synopsis Penny...

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