1. Rycharde

    Found Ralph crossdressing as a maid...

    Found Ralph cross-dressing as a maid and I'm in search of a portrait/bust. Anyone know if this exists and where I can find it? Have a wonderful idea for the game I'm in the design face. Thanx.
  2. ConkerMich

    ConkrMich's Free GFX [MV Maid Costume]

    updating thread
  3. tsu

    Recoloured maids- Lovelive and others

    Since I don't find a lot of VXAce maids other than the default, I decided to edit the original because my game needs quite a few maids and I don't want them all to look identical lol   Buuuuut.... It got out of hand and I started making some Lovelive themed ones. Because I didn't feel like...

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TFW: You get a text from someone and a long conversation--but you have no idea who this person is and don't wanna be that guy that asks "Who is this by the way?" I have no clue who this person is... but they seem to know me quite well. :rswt
You know, after all these years of using RM I've never played To The Moon. With being busy with life and then after my mom died I was too emotionally fragile to play something that heavy. Has anyone played the Switch version? Is there any big differences between that and the RM version?
Today I finished my Lets Play. Gonna have the videos scheduled for daily uploads now. Woo I finished something ^^
*tries to study Emergence of Bangladesh: Ancient Bengal* Matsyanyayam- When the law of punishment is kept in abeyance... okay what? *searches dictionary* oh! Ok. In abeyance, it gives rise to such disorders as is implied in the proverb of fishes i.e the larger fish swallows a small one- wait fishes eat each other!? Is that like... fishy cannibalism!?...Oh! It's 8:30! Time for dinner! *throws book on floor*
Babbaditch Finster and the Seven-Sided Cube has got to be one of my favorite classic games that didn't exist when I was kid, or ever

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