1. Nilom

    Changing Username or eMail?

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this kind of questions. I would like to change my username. Is that possible? I created it more than 6 years ago and it is not my current username that I use nowadays. My second question is. Can I somehow change my eMail adress, although my...
  2. Pirobi

    JK Mail System

    JK MailSystem v2.51 Author: Pirobi and JK Software Introduction This plugin adds a mailbox and messaging system to a project. Messages can be sent to the player's "inbox" through plugin commands and read. Features A json file called Mail.json must be placed in your data folder. This file will...
  3. MHRob

    In need of a Drag and Grab event, and a mail system.

    So, I'm looking for someone who wouldn't mind making two different scripts, or just one, depending on their interest, that I am looking to add to my game. The two scripts would function as followed: Grab and Drag Script: Tag events with a grab/drag comment that would allow the player to grab...
  4. Zalerinian

    ZMail - Sending you spam since 2013

    ZMail V 1.3.0 By: ~Zalerinian I will be rewriting this script when I have the time, as this was made a long time ago, and can be rewritten to be significantly neater and better. There is currently no ETA on a completion time. Introduction ZMail is a script that will let you send mail to the...

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