main character change

  1. My Walk cycle isn't working

    I have two problems that i desperately need help with 1: I have a walk cycle for a character and it only shows 3 animations (1 row) instead of all 12 (4 rows). I've tried everything and it's not working :(( 2: I want to change my main character for my game but everything I do doesn't work...
  2. I think I've got events glitching with each other but I don't know how

    so in my game there are several maps. after the opening cinematic of some text you go to - Nadie's room Nadie's room has 4 events: 1 autorun telling the gamer about who Nadie is 2 and 3 are action buttons to guards who just say something nice to Nadie 4 is a big event with a lot of...

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