main menu manager

  1. How to add/remove things from main menu?

    Say I don't want an equipment system on my game, or I don't want a character's lvl to be displayed, how do I remove them? And how do I add new stuff to it, like an encyclopedia?
  2. Problems with Creating Custom Main Menu (Persisting Events)

    I'm trying to create a custom main menu by: 1) turning on a switch (which tells the game im inside the main menu) 2) transferring the player a new map with a parallax image of the main menu 3) moving pictures around to serve as interaction. Pressing the cancel button does the reverse (erase...
  3. Oscar92player

    [SOLVED] [YEP]Question regarding Main Menu Manager (Common events)

    Hi everyone! This is not a problem, but more a question about how to get properly working the Common events with YEP Main Menu Manager, because there is something I would like to improve. As you know, this plugin helps you to change in some way the commands showed in the main menu, his...
  4. KingKraken

    Show/Hide menu options with Yanflys Main Menu Manager

    I've looked all around and can't seem to find the right information I'm looking for. Basically, I created a custom "Exit" command using Yanfly's Main Menu Manager. However I only want this option to appear on certain maps. The issue I'm running into, is I have no idea how to hide/show it, using...
  5. dragoonwys

    Small help with adding Mr.TS Perks to Yanfly main menu manager.

    Hello, like the title says, I'm trying to add in Mr. Trivel's perks system, into my main menu via Yanfly MM manager The option shows without Yanfly's manager as usual, but when I...

    Yanfly Main Menu Manager Plugin - How to add 'Finish', 'Close' or 'Cancel' command to the Item, Save

    Using the Yanfly Menu Manager Plugin for RPGMaker MV, I would like to implement the same kind of 'Finish' command to the inside of the Item menu that's present by default in the Equip Menu and Class Menu.  Specifically, I would like to put that 'Finish' command in the Item menu so it allows...

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