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  1. Moksock

    Custom Main Menu Without Plugins

    Hello, I'm posting this because ive had no luck in my search so far and so I've decided to ask the community for help. I'm trying to find a tutorial on how to make a custom Main Menu page that can replace the default MV Main Menu, but i would like to do this "-WITHOUT-" plugins. any help is...
  2. QuietlySilver

    VX ACE - Conditional Branch "Z Button Is Being Pressed" Issue?

    Hello! This is my first thread on the forum, so I apologize if I've incorrectly categorized/posted anything beneath the wrong section - I usually attempt to solve my own errors, so I've never done this before, ha. I'm currently working on a custom main menu, and I've been held up by a...
  3. How to skip Skill Menu and just show Skills?

    Hey everybody, I'm back with another question. So, I'm using basically most of Yanfly's amazing plugins and have a question in just the main menu. So, in battle, when selecting the skills command, it just shows usable skills immediately and you can pick whatever. However, in the main menu...
  4. Almightypebble

    Altering SRDude's Busts & Icons Menu Screen?

    Hey, people! So I like using SRDude's Busts & Icons Menu, but I'd like to make it so that it uses only busts and keeps the commands as plain text, without the icons. I know he has the Bust Menu but with that the character status window with the name, health, etc. doesn't appear on each...
  5. Gravemaster

    Glossary/Tips Script

    Hey. I think this is relatively easy to make, but I can't find anything similar on the net. Since RPG Maker uses no loading screen (where I could display tips, etc), I want a glossary/tips script, basically a new option in the main menu, where I can have entries (all of them available from the...
  6. Presente_Indicativo

    Customize Main Menu from javascript

    Hello, I'm Arturo, and I'm new around here. I already have a little bit of experience with javascript . What I'm trying to do is to replace the standard command window with a custom one: I'd like to have selectable png images (New Game, Continue, Options...) on the screen. I tried to study...
  7. Hahasea

    Single actor in main menu, but more party members in-game

    I've been told that the only way to permanently hide all player characters except your main one in main menu, while still retaining the capacity to have party followers in-game is with javascript. Would love it if someone would consider making a script. My game follows a single actor, with the...
  8. Hahasea

    How to have only 1 character in main menu, but more party members in-game?

    Is there a way that you can permanently hide all player characters except your main one in main menu, while still retaining the capacity to have party followers in-game? My game follows a single character, with the exception of a couple of parts when they get a pet follower. So while I want the...
  9. Hahasea

    Highly customisable Main Menu Maker (like SRD Hud Maker)

    Forgive me if something like this already exists, but I've had not luck finding it, although it would surprise me if it didn't. Does anyone know if there's something that works like SRDude's Hud Maker, but for the main menu? So you can customise the appearance and which modules go where? And if...
  10. Ezpaguety

    Guide me to or please create a plugin for animated actor faces only for the main menu

    First time posting here, sorry if Im at the wrong place. The video speaks for itself I believe (RPGmaker MV) I need a plugin that allows me to have looped picture animations on my actor portraits based on the actors included in the party but ONLY at the main menu screen. If it could also have...
  11. huda

    Main Menu Item

    Hi, i have a question, how can i directly link to items if i customised my main menu? like when i click on items, i find my items without entering this menu.
  12. Main Menu Data Overlapping

    I'm having a problem that I can't seem to find an answer to. I have downloaded Yanfly's JP system, and when I open the main menu while playtesting, the JP is overlapping the Class of my Actors. Is there a way I can move the JP further to the right so it doesn't overlap? Thanks!
  13. cetra777

    Custom Menu Background with Scrolling Plugin

    Description This plugin overrides the main menu background snapshot with an image. As a bonus it allows the background to scroll in a tiling fashion on both the X or Y axis. How to Use Copy the .js file into the plugins folder and use the editor's plugin manager to import it to your project...
  14. tale

    Time Stop In Menu

    TimeStopInMenu - Version 1.0.0 (2017/02/11) Creator name: Triacontane Overview Stops playing time in menu, except for map and battle screen. Features - There is no plugin command. Credit and Thanks: Triacontane Terms of Use- Free for commercial and non-commercial use. License - MIT...
  15. BreeChan

    Phone-like Main Menu

    Hey, guys! Sorry if this is way too ambitious or complicated, but an idea I had for a game involves your phone as a main menu. I made a sloppy little visual mock-up for the idea, on the top would be the party members where you can see their HP/MP/States/etc and on the bottom would be the phone...
  16. Tatsumaro

    Video size

    Hi, i´m using a video as background of the Main Menu, but there's a problem, in mp4 the 6:50 minutes video as the size of 203MB, the Details: Length 00:06:50 Frame width 1280 Frame height 720 Data rate 3973kbps Total bitrate 4163kbps Frame...
  17. Dries

    Main Menu - Show info on mouse hover. (Please see example picture)

    Good day all! I've never had problems finding the plug ins I need for my projects but this one has got me stumped. I've searched far and wide without any results. I'm looking for a plug in that will allow information to be shown in the main menu -> item menu when you hover your mouse pointer...
  18. Faherya

    Alternative Simple Title Screen

    Creating a Home screen after the title First, forgiveness for deception. I have not found an option to edit the topic title, so I write here: this is not an alternate title screen, but a main screen that appears after the common title. Introduction: Certain games feature incredible main...
  19. jezebelthenun

    Change Actor in Skills/Status Screen without Backing Out

    I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack with another question that's probably stupidly easy to answer! So, I'd like to know how to cycle between actors on a specific menu page in game.  Like, say, the Skills page.  Right now, it seems I'm only able to choose Skills, then pick one actor to view, then back out...
  20. Dungeons & Drinks (Ginko)

    Altering My Main Menu

    Hello, I'm fairly new to this and would like to find a way change my menus. First, I'll tell you what it is I am trying to do. I'm making a horror game with no combat. So basically, i want to strip away most of the menu. I only want the player to be able to view clues/notes they have picked up...

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