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  1. Puppet Knight

    How to automatically navigate to Y menu when exiting X menu?

    Morning all, I am trying to set up a sequence where players closing the Equip Menu are then navigated to the Skills Menu(or whatever menu I choose) before being brought back to the Main Menu. Is there a way to do this natively or will it require a plugin/altering of Main Menu Core VS (which...
  2. Lonewulf123

    [ACE]Use Item Directly from the main menu

    Hi, I'm wondering if I'm over complicating this, but I'm looking for a way to create a main menu command that will automatically use an item, instead of having to go into the item menu and scrolling through items. Basically, the item toggles the target's state between two different states. If...
  3. CardeMaker

    RMMV How can i add an custom menu in YEP_MainMenuManager via scripting?

    So, i just made an custom menu scene with SceneCustomMenu by Triacontane, this plugin doesn't allows you to put an link for your custom menu in the main menu, so i tried using YEP_MainMenuManager, but i couldn't do it without using common events, and there's two things that i hated about it: 1 -...
  4. aboynamedearth

    RMMZ Visustella Main Menu Core - Move individual commands in command window?

    I'm curious if there is a way to specify where I could place individual commands for the command window. Is there a way to set X and Y coordinates for individual commands? I imagine it could be achieved within Core Engine > Menu Layout Settings, but what I've gathered from other threads is that...
  5. xBesto97

    RPG Maker MZ: Movie plays in background of Main Menu

    Hey folks! I saw an old unsupported Plugin for MV that allows a movie to play in the background of the Main Menu (New game, Continue, Options screen). I'm wondering if anyone has seen a plugin for MZ similar to what I'm looking for, if not, is it possible for someone to point me in the right...
  6. Mercedes90

    RMMV Exit to Desktop from the Pause Menu Screen?

    I'm looking for a Plugin that is a bit different, or more "advanced", than the "ARP_TitleCommandExit" Plugin that I've recently found around here. But, unfortunately, it is only made for the Title Screen... Is there a Plugin that gives the Player an "Exit to Desktop" button in the Pause Menu?
  7. jacobv1014

    RMMV Skip Actor Confirm : RPGMaker MV MainMenuManager

    Hello! I am using YEP_MainMenuManager to edit my menu! I am trying to do something close to Yume Nikki with a very simple menu layout. I have been able to achieve what I wanted with the amount of menu options (narrowing it down to Effects, Save, and Exit), however, when I click on my item...
  8. Want to change the game title look without changing the entire screen & interface.

    Need to find a plugin that allows for changing only the game title look if possible. or that removes it completely from the main menu so that i can add an image onto the main menu instead with the title in it. i've tried a few plugins in the past but the srd one caused an issue where i...
  9. KTRay0405

    RMMV [CLOSED] Custom Main Menu Plugin

    Hey there! As you cuold tell by the title, I’m looking for a plugin (preferably free) that would allow me to have easy access to creating a custom main menu.
  10. arcadekitten

    RMMV Yanfly Main Menu Manager: Show menu option depending on if an actor is in your party?

    Hello! I've been trying to figure out Yanfly's Main Menu Manager, and I only kinda understand it? So far I've been able to have it do what I want, but I'm having trouble with a specific issue now and I was wondering if anyone knew a solution! Essentially, in this project, I want to add a menu...
  11. RMMZ Trying to get VisuStella Portrait menu working

    Last Rpg Maker I used extensively was VX Ace so it's certainly been a while. I received MZ as a b-day gift and wanted to find something similar to what Yanfly had made in the past, that's how I came upon the VisuStella plugins. I'm trying to get the portraits to show in the menu using the core...
  12. SoftCloud

    Light Layer Over Menu

    This is a curiosity I have for a side project I have. My side game features day cycles. I was curious if it were possible to add (like with parallax mapping) a light layer overtop of the main menu /sub menus. The idea I have is making the menu feel like a physical object and involved with the...
  13. Moksock

    Custom Main Menu Without Plugins

    Hello, I'm posting this because ive had no luck in my search so far and so I've decided to ask the community for help. I'm trying to find a tutorial on how to make a custom Main Menu page that can replace the default MV Main Menu, but i would like to do this "-WITHOUT-" plugins. any help is...
  14. QuietlySilver

    VX ACE - Conditional Branch "Z Button Is Being Pressed" Issue?

    Hello! This is my first thread on the forum, so I apologize if I've incorrectly categorized/posted anything beneath the wrong section - I usually attempt to solve my own errors, so I've never done this before, ha. I'm currently working on a custom main menu, and I've been held up by a...
  15. How to skip Skill Menu and just show Skills?

    Hey everybody, I'm back with another question. So, I'm using basically most of Yanfly's amazing plugins and have a question in just the main menu. So, in battle, when selecting the skills command, it just shows usable skills immediately and you can pick whatever. However, in the main menu...
  16. Almightypebble

    Altering SRDude's Busts & Icons Menu Screen?

    Hey, people! So I like using SRDude's Busts & Icons Menu, but I'd like to make it so that it uses only busts and keeps the commands as plain text, without the icons. I know he has the Bust Menu but with that the character status window with the name, health, etc. doesn't appear on each...
  17. Gravemaster

    Glossary/Tips Script

    Hey. I think this is relatively easy to make, but I can't find anything similar on the net. Since RPG Maker uses no loading screen (where I could display tips, etc), I want a glossary/tips script, basically a new option in the main menu, where I can have entries (all of them available from the...
  18. Presente_Indicativo

    Customize Main Menu from javascript

    Hello, I'm Arturo, and I'm new around here. I already have a little bit of experience with javascript . What I'm trying to do is to replace the standard command window with a custom one: I'd like to have selectable png images (New Game, Continue, Options...) on the screen. I tried to study...
  19. Hahasea

    Single actor in main menu, but more party members in-game

    I've been told that the only way to permanently hide all player characters except your main one in main menu, while still retaining the capacity to have party followers in-game is with javascript. Would love it if someone would consider making a script. My game follows a single actor, with the...
  20. Hahasea

    How to have only 1 character in main menu, but more party members in-game?

    Is there a way that you can permanently hide all player characters except your main one in main menu, while still retaining the capacity to have party followers in-game? My game follows a single character, with the exception of a couple of parts when they get a pet follower. So while I want the...

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