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  1. KingKraken

    Yanfly Action Sequences and "cannot move" State Restrictions

    Hello all! After a bunch of messing around with Yanfly's action sequences in my project(and starting a new project), I noticed that when an actor has a state that gives them the "Cannot Move" restriction, as long as they are affected by that state, they no longer responded to movement commands...
  2. Ravens_Key_Games

    I am searching a good and free Light plugin. Any tips?

    Hi. I need an alternative light plugin. For now I have some problems, so I looking for a new light system for rpg maker mv. I need that light can be customizable in: - size - intensity - color - stable or flashing - easy to turn on or off.

    How to make Buff Duration depend on stats?

    Hello everyone, i need a tip. As default, by skills we can add a buff or debuff with X turns duration. I wanted to set this X dependable on caster's stat (MAT for example). Noticed i can do this via YEP_BuffsStatesCore. There what typed in notes: <Custom Def Buff Turn> turn = 1; turn +=...
  4. Character Dialogue Display

    Hello! So I'm starting to make a small game in my free time for the heck of it, and it's my first time working with any sort of RPG-Maker (Thankfully the MV I'm using right now is very easy to use for now). I've made it so that the player can choose between a male/female protagonist, and I want...
  5. JaeJaeCee

    Living Fire Avatar/Generator Grillby parts

    I had an idea last night that maybe someone out there might be able to pull off a flaming avatar that could be used in the extended generator to create a race of lave people... Resource Type: Character parts, Icons, and Battlers Maker Format: MV Art style: MV RTP, with sprite graphics, face...
  6. onlimono

    Essence: The Dungeon

    Hi guys! I recently released a game for Android. The game was made with RPG Maker MV, and I had a hard time porting to Android due to performance problems of RPG Maker MV. But I did it! (I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to mv-android-client.) The name of the game...
  7. phamtruong1992

    RPG Maker MV doesn't respond at startup

    It'd worked just fine before but ever since I installed an app to convert music files called VSDC Free audio converter 2 days ago, my MV won't start. It just shows the logo, then the whole editor is totally blank and there is "Not responding" on the top. The problem is, now even I've uninstalled...
  8. Kishinn

    Having problem with Yanfly Engine's Buff & States Plugin

    Hi,guys.I'm having a problem in setting the turn's number of a Buff/Debuff. I wanted to apply 4 turns of Buff/Debuff on the player and enable it to stack until 10 turns,the problem I facing are: 1.Buff/Debuff isn't applied when I only put command in the "Note" section. 2.Buff/Debuff can't stack...
  9. Tatsumaro

    MOG_BattleHud (v3.7) and the TP

    im i the only one that have a problem whit the TP value does not showing in battle? i can see the "bar" the maxTP but not the numeric value for the actuali TP
  10. DLC not working

    The DLC i preordered, do I have to put the contents in manually? or am i doing something wrong? I need to know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rswt:

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