1. atoms

    Encrypt Plugins/Few Resources Only?

    I'm planning to make an Adventure/Exploring type of game in RPG Maker MV. I think I'd like it to be unencrypted. Almost everything is fine since it'll mostly be entirely RTP and etc. The only problem is, I may decide to use a plugin I purchased. I don't want everyone to be able to open the...
  2. atoms

    Do you have a preference on how many party members you like in turn based battles?

    I'm just curious what people think. You can vote more than one, if you like more than one. I'd vote for 3, 4, 5 and 6, as I think I can like those four. I have played at least two games with two party members in a turn base battle RPG Maker game, and have enjoyed them, but they still are not my...
  3. atoms

    4/5 playable characters. Would you like to customize them with classes all at once or unlock more?

    Second question. How would you handle the mechanics with what you voted for? Optional question. Can read my setup below too, also optional. How would you go about doing this yourself? This second question is optional for those who just want to vote and not discuss, but I still encourage...
  4. atoms

    Prevent Sealing Of Skill If Passive Skill Is Equipped When Silent

    I'm making a game with a lot of skills and classes, I was wondering if there was a way to create a passive skill on let's say a Healer class, so if that passive skill is equip then it would prevent sealing Healing, Restore and Revive skills as examples. I am using many of Yanfly's Plugins...
  5. atoms

    Purchased RPG Maker VX to not be "a pirate" in "that way" anymore.

    Hey, I don't know where to post this or what to say, but I wanted you to know years ago when RPG Maker VX first came out, way before this site existed, I did "pirate" it since I didn't earn any money at the time. But I now realized I can purchase it instead. Since I still use it sometimes, I...
  6. Senshu

    Battle sprite Center

    I just started using Dragonbones and so far everything is working great. However now my battle camera and state effects are off centered. Is there a way to change where a character's center is positioned? Sorry if i'm not explaining this well.
  7. Timespiraled_RPG

    Adding Skill Animations to Custom Battle Plugin

    Hi all! Dsiver's made me one heck of an amazing battle plugin, but he's had a lot on his plate lately so I was hoping to get the community's advice on adding a missing functionality so that 1) I don't bug him every other day and 2) It'd be good to learn a bit of JS. Right now, the battle scene...
  8. atoms

    Wanting three separate buffing skills mechanic. Best balance? Your thoughts?

    I am looking for some input and thoughts about how to handle three stacked buffs and debuffs in a RPG Maker MV game. I was thinking of having buff and debuff skills that can stack three times, each at the moment lasting 5 turns. What % amount would you recommend them to be? Using the default...
  9. jdoggokussj2

    Help with 2 Yep Battle plugin errors

    I get two errors when using two different yep plugins when i enter battle (i even created a new project with default actors and enimies and didnt alter anything except enabling the plugins went to battle test and still get the two errors) Error 1 when YEP X ActSeqPack2 is enabled i get the...
  10. atoms

    Do you ever do writing for your game when you are tired? I.e. Dialogue. Would you recommend it?

    I was just curious if anyone here is like me and sometimes writes dialogue or other writin for there games when they are tired. Long ago I was against it as I always thought I can't write the best I can do when I'm tired, but now my attitude is it's fine to write so long you go back to it later...
  11. atoms

    Can Yanfly's Class Change Core Facesets work in cutscenes?

    I'm planning on using Yanfly's Class Change Core in one of my game projects so the party members can change classes with ease. Link here http://yanfly.moe/2015/11/27/yep-32-class-change-core/ The plugin gives you the ability to change an actor's faceset when they switch classes. I was...
  12. atoms

    RPG Maker MV Yanfly Iconset Armour Recolour Request

    Hey there. As some of you know Yanfly made a wonderful iconset for RPG Maker MV which can be found in the link below. http://yanfly.moe/2015/10/23/freebies-mv-ready-ace-icons/ At the moment it has recolours of nearly everything including weapons too, I was wondering if someone could take it...
  13. Tiredbaguette

    Picture problems

    When I put a picture into the event like "show picture" script. It only shows in the corner even though it is centered. I want it to be in fullscreen when you are playing the game. (NOT THE GAME BEING FULLSCREEN. THE PICTURE)
  14. atoms

    How would you like to gain skills in a 5-9 hours RPG Maker game?

    Let's define it as longer than a short game but less than a medium length RPG. What are your thoughts? You can select more than one, but please share your combination in the discussion. Thanks. :)
  15. atoms

    Switching party members in battle, how would you use it?

    I've recently been curious about the game feature of having many party members and being able to switch between them in battles, but I can't see how to make this work in an RPG Maker game. The reason I say that is because anyone way I look at it, it seems to me the player would become...
  16. angelicsmana

    Looking for a local highscore system plugin

    Good day everyone, i am currently developing a game in rpg maker mv where it keeps track on your gold amount and use it as highscores when the game ends, is there any simple plugin that i can use? the game will be on web browsers platform but i dont need the highscores to be online, local...
  17. atoms

    Dungeons. What are your dungeons like and how do you handle them?

    My previous thread was sepifically about random enounter rates in dungeons, but that was too general a topic to really comment on, so instead I'm now asking everyone to share what they do with dungeons and what they are like. Below are just some example of questions you can think about, you...
  18. Nisshoku

    Animated Title Screens?

    So back in RMVXA, I used an animated title screen script that I downloaded from the SoulXRegalia website. I was wanting the same thing for my game and was told by a friend that he saw that they made plugins for RMMV that will animate the title screen. Unfortunately, the SoulXRegalia site has...
  19. Lord Vectra

    RPG Maker XP Equip Scene

    I need a XP script that shows all the stats in the equip screen and how they change when equipping and unequipping something. I've been dabbling in the default scripts but I can't seem to get it to work, so I wondering if a XP scripter can make one for me.
  20. Error while running game in browser (SRD_CharacterCreatorEX)

    Hello guys. I've been trying to port a game to a website, and i get this error: TypeError Cannot read propert 'length' of undefined In the console log it says: rpg_managers.js:1949 TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined at Object._.preloadCharacterPieces...

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